Customer support changes?


Who says buying things in the store isn’t considered “financial support”?

I would expect anyone who has spent money within the last X days to be considered a paying player.

But anyway, the things they will no longer help non-paying people with are pretty trivial things anyway, and nothing worth being upset about.


That is exactly the question I would like to see answered by Funcom, what is financial support?

Edit: To add we haven’t seen a list of all the services that are cut, as they said those listed are not comprehensive so who knows what else is affected? Certainly a reduction also implies we might as well give up on new content, future saga servers, special events et al. And petitions or reporting players who violate the community standards? Will these be ignored if submitted by a FTP? We need more info on the impacts and the future. It’s all very concerning😕


Come on guys stop acting like it’s the end of the world :joy: it’s only quest items and mistaken purchases or deleted items there only helping paying players with not like it’s anything majorly important in all my time playing since 2010 I’ve never needed customer support or the petition system and your all acting like you use it everyday


You didn’t need it often, others might need it more often. This service should be free and not for paying members only.
The times a GM needed to reverse a purchase for me it just took them long to finally answer, the undo itself took not even 5 minutes. So I can’t see how it should be for paying people only.

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I actually do not care for pure F2P-players, if they do not create income why should they be considered when it comes to (obviously major) costly ressources. Yes, they might be the paying customers of tomorrow - but that is a might.
What I do care about is the change that effects me as a paying customer and raidleader. Still waiting on any answer about how we should handle raid loot in the future, looking forward to a system that leaves no loopholes for ninjas and mistakes.

Also, really big move to drop a bomb like this rigth befor the weekend, when propably no one of the community staff is around to deal with us.


You guys have to accept that this is a dead game and probably barely affords one mans annual salary. Im surprised they havent just said f it and yanked the plug. Honestly they probably should. Then sell it to a company who will actually do something with it.


You would think that with the better financial shape Funcom is in these days that they would hire more GMs/CMs instead of trying to spread 12 or so reps over four mmos. (tsw (and yes its playable still if you owned it before the relaunch), aoc, ao, and swl)

But this is Funcom so common sense and logic are severely lacking.

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We will be happy to continue to assist paying players.

It is not true, I am a premium user, the days go by and there is no assistance dealing with my problem.


Able to get poor customer service after waiting 3 weeks, buy now! only 15€ a month!!!.


Tomorrow it’s 2 weeks since I’ve sent my email to funcom, still nothing… for 2 weeks can’t do nothing cause I’m not getting bonus tokens… no AA on time… can’t unlock all my toons… but they took my money


after waiting for two weeks i would honestly just delete aoc and move on to another mmo. your patience is remarkable.


Has customer support replied to you yet?
I’ve been waiting on them over a week now, switched my account to FTP last month and now its banned.
Come on Funcom…. pull some strings, get an intern to help.


Yes, I believe it was 16 days. They fixed it and they gave me the remaining balance but… (I’m not gonna get into it anymore)