Missing ingame rewards and support don't reply (SOLVED)


22 days ago I made a mail to support due to different problems with the payment, and I still waiting to hear from them.
I never received the rewards for paying for the extra 12 months (these rewards didn’t unlock ingame yet). I’m unsure who to contact since mail-support doesn’t reply?

Happy Easter :slight_smile:


Wait patiently in queue, my petition remains untouched for 33 days :d

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Something is very seriously wrong at Funcom for Customer Support to be taking over a month…

It is the kind of thing you would expecting if the company was about to shut down. But that doesn’t strike me as what is going on with all that Funcom is doing, so I really don’t have a clue what is up. Even in the worst of Funcom’s days, support wasn’t having these problems.



You know you’re right… I thought that they don’t care, short stuff, diff projects, vacations, etc.(we never think the obvious). But now that you mention it, I think it’s a bit more serious. I just hope they don’t pull the plug for real.


Still no rewards ingame for the extra 12 months I bought. Can’t a normal GM activate this?


Imo they should shut down AoC. I got a feeling that AoC is a big burden for them.


I got my first and only reply this Friday to the e-mail I sent more than a month ago. I made an update to that e-mail a few days after I sent it so I had 2 topics in it.
The first support I needed was that my account was frozen, and this was the only thing they replied back to. So in case the account was still frozen that would have taken more than a month to get help to.
The next question/help I needed was the missing ingame rewards for the 12 months I applied. Sadly they missed this question, so I don’t hope that will take them another month to reply to. However I replied back to them within 5 mins, but I guess I can just sit around and wait.

Please give us the old support back. This is so bad.

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It would be nice if we can get an update from funcom regarding CS/GM. In the last update they said it was gonna affect only ppl that are f2p but from what I’ve seen on forums most ppl with issues are premium players. So Funcom can we get an update?


I paid for 12 months membership and each month my account changes to f2p account. 46 days ago I sent an e-mail to customer support to let them know something is wrong with payment system. Till this day I received no answer nor 12 boxes.
Great game I’d definitely recommend to try. 2/10


In general they have currently huge problems with exiles on consoles. The game is practically unplayable for a number of ppl. At the same time they made the base game available for free last month on ps+ i guess in the hope ppl would buy dlc’s and now only a handfull of ppl can run it. Its really crazy bugged. Aoc is like super mature in contrast. So I guess they focus there atm since they are about to loose bunch of new ppl…


The studio that works on Conan exiles is the Norway one. Aoc is managed by the USA based one. So different teams.


Solved! Got my rewards \o/