[Funcom #1120595] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

Yeah its been 2 weeks still no contact by Funcom support haven’t played in a while so took a little time to remember my credentials once logged in I find my main char gone and all my creds missing, my buddy who was in the same guild as me forgot his password and he’s still waiting so he and I and two other people are waiting to see how this is resolved before we ask them to signup.

I paid the game on the 11th of August and they haven’t unlocked my account even tho they did take my money. It’s been 21 days without any communication from Funcom.

So, don’t hold your breath on them getting back to you.

Yeah I have to agree with you not sure whats happening with this 3 weeks and nothing, I know it says on the blurb on the forums there is a long wait but wow really how can you play an online game without support

I think a better question is, how can you charge monthly subscription for a game with no support?

Don’t expect them to reply.

I made a ticket on july 10th and still haven’t heard back.

Heh, I just got confirmation of the ticket I also made on July 10, cancelling my 2nd paid acct. I’m not giving up on AO-- just money really tight so cutting where I can. But this was a pretty simple request & for them to be so far behind is troubling.

Be careful. If you ask for a refund through your bank, Funcom will permanently ban your account.

What a joke if I had paid them recently and they never activated my account and I asked for a refund I wouldn’t be worried if I was banned whats the difference the supports is only a auto response email been waiting since Aug so I just gave up don’t care anymore been playing StarWars Old Republic.

Hope you all get taken care of