To Stick or Not to Stick

Dear Funcom,

The majority of the support concerns here is with account management. There has not been a single public announcement expressing how busy Funcom might be nor an acknowledgement of any of the four repetitive issues; Frozen Accounts, Billing, Access to Play and Account Management.

We understand that you might have explained the way Funcom handles tickets a thousand times but would it not be a matter of providing a sticky-note explaining what Funcom or customers might expect in the four common issues?

I recently retired and can appreciate the time I now have to enjoy Funcom in ways I could not have imagined twenty years ago. I am an RP junkie at heart and AO certainly takes us all into a dimension, rather than a time. Although, none of us will ever see the current Rubika year, it would be nice to change the norm into a diverse future for both the new and old; Funcom Employees and Funcom Customers alike.

After all is said and done, communication is going to help us all. I would love to offer my time in balancing customer concerns with capable resolve at Funcom but then it would be work and counter-productive to my laid back status of retirement.

I would like to say, thank you for everything that one game has given to so many players in this lifetime.

Let’s talk.

i wonder if anyone ever DOES get a reply from funcom support these days. ive been waiting for a reply to my ticket for almost 6 weeks now, ive seen people who have waited over 9 weeks without a reply.

this doesnt seem like ‘we are busy right now so things are a little slow’. it seems like they just abandoned the support tickets from ao, and choose to ignore anything on the official forums (besides an occasional thread closure)

if anyone DID get a response from support for an ao related issue, please reply to this thread so people know they are at least working on it, however slow it may be.

since nobody cared, let me answer my own question.

so, i finally got a reply from support the other day (they didnt even fully solve my issue, i explained that to them and expect to wait yet another month or two). it took them… 45 days!..

if anyone is waiting for a reply to their support tickets, dont lose hope, dont cancel your payments and get a perma-ban. just be patient and they will EVENTUALLY get to you.

but next time you are about to buy a funcom product, keep this whole thing in mind. remind yourself of the unprofessionalism of this company, and think at least 5 times before you make that purchase. that is my advice to you.