I think we need a Class Action

It has taken 2 months and still no Contact from your Office in regards to a problem I have been having, I get you may no longer Service AO, due to such a lack of response to peoples issues, we know it is an old game, but whilst you are clearly all in for the money AO generates, you at FC could at least add a few people to customer Service, to service the issues that arise with accounts etc, I gave you every bit of information it was possible to give you in my first ticket and am still waiting for a reply, I even went to lengths contacting Funcom directly, you think that would warrant a response? hah.
Service this ticket and help me all one can ask for, ID “[Funcom Support #1128684]”. I have even sent in game petitions, but apparently Rooibos couldnt action anything?? i can see why players moved on, its a shame, a little love in the ways of customer service around account issues could go along way, not just force people to create new accounts to reap the monetary value, I want my accounts back. all it is that I have an old email I no longer have access to and there fore cannot password change. so simple isnt it? but 2 months.

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Only way I could get any sort of response was to DM Andy B directly from here. Other than him I doubt I would have ever heard a whisper from them. I had him delete my account also as I will never give this company another dollar with such poor customer service.

OK All, Although it was a seriously long time, Fun com through the assistance of Andy B sorted my grievance out, once i got in contact with the right person Andy sorted it out in record time, cant thank him enough for his effort, and because of this I now have my main accounts back pretty stocked !
Appreciate the effort