Game password working but not Account password - no reply from support for 6 weeks

My friends and I have returned after 8+ years to AoC, where we all subscribed for many years.
One of my friends can access the game yet cannot access the account page to buy Funcom points.
She sent a ticket to support about the issue over 6 weeks ago yet has had no help and been told that if she writes another ticket her query will be put at the bottom of the queue (??? wtf who does this? isn’t this supposed to be CUSTOMER SERVICE? by defininition???)
Anyways she wants to spend money … and Funcom do not seem to want her to give them any???
Sadly the original email with which the account is associated has been hacked and she can no longer access it.
Any suggestions please?
Can somebody help?

Thanks in hopes of a hero :smiley:

I would take it as a cosmic sign that money shouldn’t be given to Funcom.

That being said, your friend might not get a response for another 6+ weeks, if at all (if your friend is currently free to play you wont get a response)

You could have your friend make a forum account and tag AndyB to see what he can do, as he’s the only one who seemingly cares about the game and its customer base over at Funcom.

Get in touch with Andy B directly on Twitter. His Twitter handle is on this forum. Direct Messaging him gets him quick.
I was stuck for two weeks waiting on email help when I messaged him and he replied the next day and sorted the issue within another day.

Add another 6.
6 + 6 = 12.
12 = Months of a Year.

You will get a response once a Year has passed.

mine is just the opposite account password working but not game account i cannot play game?