Locked out of my account with no reply to my support ticket for over two months

I’ve not been able to log in to my game account ever since I changed the password over two months ago. I’ve tried changing the password multiple times, changing only the in-game password, changing all passwords, changing the password 3 times in a row, all the while waiting 20+ minutes - 24 hours before checking if it had any effect. Nothing has been successful and I am positive that I am using the password(s) that I have chosen. It would be great to get some response from Funcom on this since I have had an unplayable account with a ticket submitted for 2.5 months now.

How can you change password while being locked out of your account?

Which page are you trying to change your password at? https://account.ageofconan.com/ or https://register.ageofconan.com/account

Sounds like just your Game Password isn’t working, and changing account password is fine. I would try changing the password using the other account page Fass linked.

At a 2.5 month wait time for Support, hopefully the queue is nearly done so you will get help soon. Let us know when you finally get a response!

I’ve tried changing my password using both the old account page and new. No luck. When changing all of the passwords (game/account page/forum) it does appear to update my account page password, but the in-game password never works.

Make that over three months now. This is the first company I’ve ever come across that fumbles so often at taking my money. Not only can I not get a response on this issue, but I can’t even sub my alt account because their payment system is so broken.

From reading these forums, it looks like the payment problem is pretty widespread and considering its happened to me for the last couple years, it doesn’t seem they’re in any hurry to fix it. How many thousands of dollars is this costing them I wonder…

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I sent you a DM. Please don’t submit ingame petitions about billing issues in the future - we cannot assist with payments from within the game itself. Thank you.