Help! Coming back to AoC.. need my old account

I’ve finally got some time to devote to Conan. Need to get access to my old account tried everything. Can I get some Funcom assistance please? thanks guys.

Funcom no longer offers customer support for this game to “free to play” members of the community. If you subscribe (successfully) on a monthly basis, they may reply to a support email within a few months time.

Good luck and god speed! Might be faster to just make a new account and characters.

lol, so this game is effectively dead for all intents and purposes.

Wow, this was actually one of the best games ever created. Too bad. :frowning:

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that’s wrong. they still support f2p players, but with a lower priority.

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So by that logic, OP should get a reply within a year.

Yeah forget about the old account its unlikely you will retrieve it. Just do a new one. New fresh experience. It has some drawbacks but its still enjoyable. I enjoyed so i can relate.

Have you tried going to the AoC My Account page and the ‘I forgot my Password / Username’ feature? That might jog your memory.

Also how long ago did you play and on what server as that might be why you can’t get into your account. From the many servers long ago, we’re down to just 2 now.

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