Cannot regain very old account login

Hey fellow Hyboreans,

When AoC started (waaay back then) I immediately bought the game and created an account. Fun thing is, as usual, I forgot all my logins.

When I enter my Email to retrieve the password it says, in this mail, that I have 2 accounts and I should click one. Doing so, it re-directs me to the retrieve password screen. After I typed in my username - the one I wanted to login with - nothing happens. I don’t receive any email and therefore cannot access the game using my old account.

Would be awesome if someone helped me. I wanted to write an email but for the luck of Crom, I couldn’t find an email adress other than the legal@funcom thing on the homepage.

Best regards

You could probably create a new account & level a handful of characters to 80, 10 times over before you’ll ever get a response from Funcom.

You should consider that because it’s free anyway.

The game’s in maintenance mode and they don’t answer support tickets anymore unless you’re paying subscriber. And even then it could be a month or two before they get to you. :man_shrugging:

Welcome back :+1::wave::beers:

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that is wrong. i had contacts with the support on unsubscribed accounts, and even on an account that never spent a cent to funcom. it only took like 2 weeks.

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I’d say it’s hit or miss in that regard. Usually Andy b does it out of the kindness of his heart (or when he has time)

Refer to Announcement for details.

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Following your link I learned
Account Page Services and Complications - We will continue to offer full service for all players for these issues.”
This should cover OP even if he never payed a dime, which he obviously did.

I also learned
" Deletion, Crafting or Currency-based Purchase Mistakes - We will be happy to continue to assist paying players. We will have to stop providing these kinds of services for players who do not support us financially. This includes item and character deletion. Items necessary for the completion of missions and quests are not included in this change of policy."
Keywords beeing “paying players” and “do not support us financially”. He could have used the term “Subbers” “regularly supporting financially”, “not with a F2P-account”. Chose not to, so we can not be sure it is subs only.

With you on the customer service is beyond ridicolous part, but if you refer to something, make sure you read it and checked if it fits the question.



Let us know how long it takes @kodros

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