Need Help Accessing Old Account

Can’t find username to account. I know I had it migrated to an email address that I had access to, but I need to know the correct username.

If you still have access to that e-mail address, you can use the forgot password option on the account page. If you enter your e-mail address instead of your user name, it will mail you all account user names associated with that e-mail address. If you have more than one e-mail address, you can try multiple ones and then check them each for mail.

Then once you have your user name, you can enter that on the same page to reset your password.

Hello, i use this post because its the latest one with account problems and i dont can open a new topic, do know why. I try reactivate my old accounts (froob). i have the correct pw and the correct username, i can login my account, i change my pw. all my efforts doesnt success. i try to contact the support several times without any effort. i got a ticket and thats it. no mail no help. i try to create a new account, no success (email is invalide emailadress). how can i play ao again? can anyone help me?

I’m not sure about the problem reactivating existing accounts, but when creating new accounts, some e-mail domains give problems. Address from and don’t work for some reason. Maybe you can try with a account, that’s reported to work by others with the same problem.

Hey, thank your for support. I have try a gmail adress, but it doesnt work too. i think i have enough adresses for my live and give up. i think the new holder of ao doesnt want have new player. I never have seen a game where no one can login and no tecnical support try to fix that problem. i hope all other gamer have a nice time in ao and have much fun. i am out, it is too strenuous for me. But thank you for your help m8. :grinning:

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