Cannot restore passwords for my somewhat old account

I use two differnt emails, cant remember which one was used for Age of Conan, tried restoring password on both, didnt send me anything. Also checked the spam folders, nothing.

Any ideas?

i think you can try on with account login handle - that should mail password reset to your email that youve created it with,
other way that i wouldnt reccomend is contact CS (im waiting 1+year for response with my premium ticket therer …) and than if you still got it - give them original cd - key that you had created account with - thats other option
if you dont have any of those or no way to do this i dont think there is any other way since there is 3 - email - account handle - both for password reset - and CS ticket with original cd-key
hope that shed some answer to you

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thank you for your help, but honestly, Ive created this account probably around 2011 and I have no clue in the world what accountname I used then, I usually alter them by some letters if they re already taken. Also I cant even remember if I had a real CD, or a key from a shop or if the game even required one then (in Steam it says “complimentary” so probably not a retail key)
Typing in my 2 emails, at least one should trigger a password restore action. I do remember Ive played AoC like 3-4 years ago and was able to reset my password then - unless they wiped accounts between then and now…

you’ll sooner create a new account and re-level 10 toons to max level before getting a response from funcom.

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have you tried here… recovering the password?

if you started your game in 2011 there should definitely have been a key… at least until 2010 it wasn’t free to play…
I stopped in 2010… and took a quick look around 2015 or 16… and only started playing actively in 2020 / 2021… I also had to reanimate my account… but everything was still there…
I found an old mail directly from the mail provider on the Internet… and then I was sure that it was this Mailaccaunt that I used at AoC.
since you last played… have you gotten a new computer?
if you backed up the old data… maybe… the key is still stored there… maybe you didn’t have your game on CD but had a digital key…

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thanks for everyones help, funny enough I figured the account and password out by trying it out, haha.

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