My lost account

Im trying to get my old aoc account back. Is there anyone here that can help me with that?



You might be better served making a fresh account. Funcom customer support in Age of Conan is non existent and i am not saying that as an ‘exaggeration’. It’s literally true. AoC is now regarded by Funcom as ‘abandonware’. i:e no further updates or changes will be made to the game. And while you may get lucky with customer support, it could take them weeks to respond to any petition you submit.

Either way, good luck and don’t forget to abandon all hope before re-entering here.

How old? 1-5 years? maybe possible… more than that? no way in hell. If you are missing even a shred of information, like email what not, no chance.

Well the acc is from early access and I stoped playing maby 4-5 years ago

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