Is it possible to retrieve an old 2008 account?

I had bought AOC when it first came out, had a rhino mount and some other stuff that came along w/ some premium edition (Had a book of art that came with it).

Is there a way to see or get that account back? Would it still be playable?

I can’t even remember the email I used for it, it was so long ago.

i think at least email is mandatory for any chance to recover it
i had once simillar problem - as long as you got at least email ofc if you dont know account handle niether, they can restore it for you - that way you would also need id card scan as well - no problem if you meet requirements
and not sure if FC can trace you somehow by payment info or simillar stuff
anyway if you start anew make sure you create account by steam - its that you need to install the game through it and after while in game click register - you get nice cloak - and way to buy stuff through steam wallet within the game or there is also sometimes very neat discounts for all expacs pack it cost sometimes 60% on steam sale - comperable price to what best offer from FC store was there once upon, like 5 & or euro per one]
also you can buy shop points with steam wallet - shop is what it is nowadays but it always can come in handy - literally best thing there is is max bag but you can always try yourself with gamble caches - they dont cost that much and if your lucky you can strike big - i got once like legendary roll and ive opened about 40 so far, thing to lucrate some free steam coins for sure - if you ask me

They would likely ask for the original CD key or some sort of proof.

Honestly it’s probably not worth it and the characters may not be able to be restored.

Yeah this games probably not worth the effort.

I think I know my email I used but honestly it was so long ago, even trying to recover the email account seems impossible.

Remember email is your best choice.

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