Different passwords for website and game account... unable to reset for subscription

I sent a ticket and never got a reply since 7/31/2020 so i’m replying here. I am unable to access my games account in age of conan by website and everytime i sent a please reset password i get nothing back. I’ve been waiting for an email reply from typing in the accounts main name (all accounts are attached to the same email adress) but NONE of my accounts are working to show a reset in password. As much as i enjoy playing this game, i dont want to restart over on my account and would like a reset on the password so i can reactivate my account and play with my brother again. ANY help provided would be most appreciated thank you.

I am having the same issue i just spoent 45 dollars cominbg back to Anarchy onbline and i cant access ANY of my funcom stuff because the password reset system DOES NOT WORK! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US