The password recovery doesn´t work

The Password Recovery only works for the email and dont for the Usernames directly.

Funcom Support doesn´t answer me =(

doesn´t work either

There are two sites that allow reset of anarchy online accounts. I have used both in when getting my username accounts reactivated. I suggest you try both. You can also try different browsers EDGE and Chrome and even a smartphone browser.

What I have noticed during the reset password process, I get pushed to a secret world account page to complete my password reset request. The linked sent to to use the new generated password was actually for age of conan, but it worked. None of my accounts for AO have are used for Age of Conan, but it worked.

I did initially create a new age of conan account to make sure their account system was working.

It was a lot of trying and changing of passwords

i used 5 browsers.
safari, tor, vpn.
I used also AOC loginpage SW loginpage and the two sites above.

I think its a tech Problem?!

doesn´t work either

I just tried both sites to reset the password and both worked:

Two things to keep in mind:

  • When requesting a password reset, fill in only the user name, not also the e-mail address
  • If you’ve logged in or requested a password more than a handful of times (like 3 or 5) you receive a 24 hour IP ban. After this, you have to either wait 24 hours and try again, or use a different IP address, e.g. from a VPN or your mobile. You do say you’ve tried a VPN, but depending on which IP address it makes available to you, it may have already have exhausted its allowed daily attempts too. Game logins and forum logins don’t count towards your daily limit. Both the and account pages share the same lockout.

i tried both sites with vpn, Tor browser and checked my Ip with “whatsmyip” and it was two different Ips.
For Example 64.xxxx and with Tor 167.xxxxxxx .
I waited 24h from 28.12 6pm till 29.12 6pm and tried both sides max 1 time with each browser (chrome, edge, Tor)
I used only the nickname´s without the Mailadress.
My problem is propably my Mail Domain (, i read in the forum there was a problem with @gmx Domains.
The Password Recovery works with the Mail Adress but not works with the Nicknames.
I have 3 of them @ 1 Mail Adress and not one of them worked.
But i wait another 24h till 31.12 6pm and try it again.

in the first point thanks for the help.
What is your Domain for example?

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Ah I’m not sure if is problematic, maybe you’re right. Apperently someone else had a problem with the austrian version of that. I tried using gmail myself. In that case you’d probably need to contact support through their support page:

yeah, that is the problem i think.

Its my 8479247983769783693798 Ticket^^

But i think the support its not realy interested in this game anymore.

The Game is still the best after 21years, sadly the support isn´t ^^

i tried it again^^

[Funcom #1202095] Your Funcom Customer Service Ticket

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no answer…

The Is acting up for me again (2022-01-04).
This time after connecting all the text is squeezed together on the left side with the REACTIVATION button squeezed in there too. Very hard to find. I tried all sorts of things trying to get the webpage to display right.

Next day, I CANNOT logon with any of my accounts on I tried two laptops, no good on both.

I read a while ago it maybe my ip is being blocked. So I used my IPHONE with wifi disabled so it used its cell carrier internet connection and I was able to connect and reactivate an account. The webpage is still all squeezed together.

In the past, sometimes I take my laptop to a starbucks and use their web access and sometime it works. Such a pain.

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I think your post helped, because today it’s working again :blush:

I hope to get an answer one day or I’m just unlucky=/

bump =)

After 9 days got the answer from the support here. Should write a ticket, yes what can I say. ^^
I guess I can write that off, too bad.

another 12 days=)

and another 13 Days^^

Why don’t you just stop the game if you don’t feel like doing the support anymore?

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