The password recovery doesn´t work

Hey, I was the one with the issue, and it is 100% due to domains…

In the end I bugged people on the discord constantly and eventually one of the GMs there was nice enough to help out.

They need to assign your account to a non or domain for the p/w reset to work again./ No workaround unfortunately…

I recommend making some noise on discord…

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another 29 Days…yaaay

Still no response from support =(

I just don’t understand why they still charge money for a game like this.
Actually, this is fraud, collect money and do nothing for it.
Set the game and finish or do it for free.

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I have the same issue… i just want my old account back

Did this ever get resolved? I’m having the same issue. I also forgot my usernames facepalm

nope, delete the game and play one with more “fun” without “com”

never resolved with me, but I think I’m SOL on 2 accounts, not FC doing,or can do, but I think on one of the accounts I was using a email forward service, and no longer have access to that email anymore.
It’s probably why I haven’t heard from FC.
since I can’t access my other accounts, I don’t know which email I used or if the same situation


Customer support has methods of recovering accounts where the owner no longer has access to the registered email address. This does have to happen by email for security reasons. If you already have a ticket number, you could try contacting me in the AO discord with that number.


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