I cant reset my password

I’m am beyond frustrated with FunCom support. During the pandemic I had tried to rest my password, but I could not as I had forgotten my username as the one I tried clearly was not working so it must not be it.

In the email I got it told me it would take a long time to get a response and I understood that, at the time. It was some time in last year(2021) when I messaged support and I no response.

So I message again a few months ago and got no response with the same it will take a long time email. So now I tried messaging again and still see the message in the mail saying it will take forever to get a response.

Now I know FunCom dose not make any money off of me as I only play the free side of Anarchy Online, So I am the last on the list to get a response but I like this game and would like to play it again but if my current experience says anything the answer is no.

Is FunCom support that over whelmed with support tickets, still.

If someone at FunCom happens to read this please help me get access to my account.

I know this will probably go no where and get no response or support but I needed to vent.

hey hey :blush:

If you still have the original e-mail address but forgotten the account name, you can recover it here; enter your e-mail address and your account names will be mailed to you. Then after that you can do a password reset.

While trying this, you will quite possibly run into Funcom’s overly strict account protection, so I feel it’ll be useful to say clarify that in advance. If you log in more than a handful of times, you will get a 24 hour IP block and even valid passwords are not accepted. When this happens, try logging in from a different IP address, e.g. on your mobile internet.

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