Reset Password (please)

Hello everyone, I know that at the time of creating this topic similar posts appear that can solve my question. but I read them and it wasn’t.
I have my account that for personal reasons I stopped playing, today I wanted to do it and it gives me the wrong password (I usually use the same password for games to avoid these problems).
I followed all the steps to recover (I understood that the game password is not the same as that of Fucom), I follow all the steps to reset, I get the mail with the new password temporarily but when I put it in and then change it for a new one I get the next msg
"Are you sure you typed your password correctly?
Also, make sure your [CAPS LOCK] -key is not active ".
Send tickets to see if they can solve me but until today I don’t have any kind of answer.
I might know if someone can tell me what to do or what steps to follow, thank you very much in advance


Send @AndyB a private message

I did send @AndyB message just today

I don’t understand why they reply to my email about problem : Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service.
We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.
To open a help ticket please go to

I sure don’t see where to open ticket here but only forum!
Somebody tell me where to open ticket please?