Account Issue (Password Reset)


Has anyone has issued with the password reset system? This will not work for me on both the old (register funcom com/lostpassword/) or new (account anarchy-online com/lostpassword) pages.

If I put my email address in here, I get an automated email confirming the account I am looking to reset the password for is registered with the expected email, however, when I go back to the same form as instructed and put the username into the field, I do not get an automatic email detailing a password reset (no email comes at all).

Have tried this multiple times, have submitted a support ticket, and a petition referencing the ticket, but no luck.

AndyB assisted me with a similar issue (identical, really…) about 2-3 years ago but cant seem to reach him on discord these days. Can a GM please DM me to assist?


Hey guys, I know there probably arent many resources invested into AO these days, but it seems pretty impossible to get a response through the support ticket system…

Hearing from others that this can take months if I just wait for a reply via the support process - but I was hoping to get resubbed for the anniversary. Can someone please ping me a DM? Should be a very quick fix - had the same issue a couple of years back.

Guys? This is pretty revenue averse behaviour. I just want to give you some money.

Take my money? Anyone?

This is pretty nuts for a ticket to take this long to be resolved for account related issues… can someone at least DM me?

2 weeks, still nothing.

This almost feels like a social experiment.

I just dont know if I am conducting the experiment or if I am the subject of it.

Still waiting…

Resolved! They get there in the end - takes a while, but once you get someone, they are always super helpful.

Issue was a problem with certain german and austrian email domains. I advise against anyone using for your AO account…

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