Password forgot

Hello there,

I wanted to get back into the game. But my last login was 4 years ago and I doesn’t remember my login data. So I requested a new password (login name was sent by the system, that worked), but I doesn’t get an email. This was 3 weeks ago. 2,5 weeks ago I opened a ticket, but even for this I have not received an answer to this day. Only the ticket # and that the response time takes longer. But so long? You don’t make it easy for the old players to get back into the game…
So this post will be my last try, and I hope someone can solve my problem.


Have you checked your junk folder?

Unfortunately Funcom in its infinite wisdom has determined that free-to-play players are not worth their time. So if you are not a subscribing member of the community your petition will not be answered in a timely manner if at all. This is poor customer service It’s the worst any of us have ever seen. I think Funcom feels that we should be thankful they leave the servers running at all

What you can do is find someone who is a paying subscriber and get them to put a petition in for you. It’s a workaround for free to play members. if you don’t know anyone who can help you out send me a private message with your account name and I’ll put a petition in for you.

Also make sure you’re using the correct email you used previously. You won’t get any emails if you put in the wrong address. You may have used a different email address back then and just forgotten about it. That happened to me in DCUO once. thought for sure that I used one particular email but it turned out to be a completely different email.

Please don’t do any of this. We can only speak and assist with the account’s actual owner. Do not share account information with anyone.

Well @AndyB It wouldn’t be an issue if you guys would actually answer petitions from F2P members as well instead of essentially giving them the finger. You want to retain customers and keep people coming back and potentially subscribing then get an intern to take some time out of their coffee runs to answer some petitions from EVERYONE! Or reinstate the F.O.A program…

BTW a GM actually told me to do this once while I had an issue during a F2P period. So…

That was about a missing guild leader and not about your account.

I’ll message the OP directly and see what I can do.