New password not working

requested a password change, seems old one is not working
the new pw was sent, but does not work
it’s written only good for 24 hours, and it still does not work within that 24 hours
I tried again, a week later same thing. I get a password that does not work, and again a month later

The funcom account websites often block IP addresses after several login attempts wither they are successful or not. Some say this block last for 24 since the last attempt. Repeated attempts keeps extending it. I use the browser on my smart phone with wifi enabled from a remote location with wifi “coffee shop”.

When you try to log onto the game, if you get the message:
Your account is not paid for or has been blocked.

That means your password is good but your account needs to be reactivated.

The current preferred method for reactivating an Anarchy Online account is to use a TSW SITE.

  • Logon using
  • Under My Account > Click Home > Click Reactivate Button > Click a different Reactivate Button
  • You will receive a message stating your account has been activated.
  • Click Home button and you will see an updated Membership Valid until date.

yeah I am trying to get to that point. I have only been able to do that on one account. that other’s, well just going in circles.
One of them, I was sent a temp password, but it comes up invalid
if I felt I did too many attempts, I actually wouldn’t try again till a few days, sometimes forget and it’s week or more, since last attempt. maybe they meant 24 days, it surely is not 24 hours, not for me anyways

same thing again, get sent a temp password, and it don’t work

it’s an endless loop
I get this


You have requested to reset your password for one of your Funcom accounts. If you did not request this, please ignore it. It will expire in 24 hrs.

To reset your password, please visit the following page:
Funcom - Account Management

When you visit that page, your password will be reset, and the new password will be emailed to you.

Funcom Customer Service

I click on the link, and no new pw, just the same page for password request, no new emails with temp pass word. some times it does, but they don’t work

You might be experiencing an IP Block from Funcom. The message you get from the website is invalid password. When when you use the same password on the game it works or you get a blocked message which means you account is frozen and needs to be reactivated through the website.

To get past the blocked IP issue take your phone or laptop to a coffe shop or friends house and use their wifi to connect. This changes your ip address.

To reactivate your account use

Logon using

Under My Account > Click Home > Click Reactivate Button > Click a different Reactivate Button

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