Trying to come back to AO after years encountering issues

Hey guys whats up!

I guess Im considered an AO veteran, maybe some will remember me especially from the good old DNW times :slight_smile:

Nostalgia got the best of me and I would like to experience this amazing game again. However for some reason I can’t log in to the account page. When I try to have a new password sent I don’t receive an email.

Did anyone else run into the same issue?

Hope to see some of you ingame soon!!

Cheerz Slytha / Rinnegan and other 30+ chars xD

Welcome back! Did you get this solved?

IF not, did you try both the old account page and the new one?

// Rurounin

am having same trouble can get into accounts on old or new sites says wrong name and password?

Welcome back good see some returns when most left :wink: