Keep getting fatal on intro

I load the game on pc and i get to the inro and i get fatal im unable to get onto the game how can i fix this i have tried uninstalling and verifying

Is it this?
Just hit attempt to continue

No its on the game its self not just a server inget to conan talking and then fatal error

Im really fed up with things like this and the fact that the support for this really dont seem to care i have even put money into battle pass and bot got my stuff i have sent email to be told its important they will get back nd never have just a money maker for you i guess

Yeah you are on to something there hehe. Long time since i saw some pride or integrity to their titles. They dont even seem to care for upkeeping the games in their Conan catalogue that they got exclusive license for. Sure I get it aoc is barely profitable. But considering they sit with the licensing for Conan the barbarian. You would think there would be some urge to stay above the low-watermark in quality or atleast keep up with customer support for those titles. Its just embarresing at this point.

Back in the day there was a live chat where they would solve most issues in a matter of minutes. Today you are lucky if they answer your email about failed payments after months.

Back in the day was when they gave a shit about everyone and not just the big youtubers and twitchers

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