Considering Returning... It has been several years

Oddly enough I have been asked by three people I don’t know on Facebook over as many months to return to AoC in different Conan groups as I’m a big huge Conan fan.

Consequently, I thought I should at least give it another look.

I simply left AoC due to the F2P conversion which I loathe with a passion. In fact, I left every MMO I played that went F2P despite knowing it meant wasting several thousand on those titles.

I purchased AoC and RoTS (best X-pack ever for any game) directly from FC but for the sake of consistency, I’m likely going to rebuy everything on Steam as I migrated all my titles there a couple of years ago as I got sick of so many logins and passwords for so many different titles.

I’m also considering getting the Ultimate L80 pack as well plus another Year Sub as sort of a small birthday present to myself.

Accordingly, I was wondering if there are any good communities for returning players that would help with reducing the learning curve and make the game far more enjoyable as it used to be back in the day.

Anyway, any advice or recommendations would greatly be appreciated, to say the least.

On a side note, there was a custom UI that was simply badass I forget the name but I think it had the word ‘royal’ or ‘king’ in the name and I loved it so very much I always wondered why FC never made it official frankly speaking. If that is still usable in game can someone give me a link for it.

Well ,the best advice would be to stay away .

Game has become a loot pinhata via raid finder and new content additions are a farming snoozefest to get superficial power increases with nothing to really use them in.RoTS was awesome but it’s very dead and hardly anyone bothers with that content because the gear is outdated and the shortcuts to better gear are just too many .

That being said if you really want to give it a shot i would say go f2p or get a 1 month sub to see how you like the game .The ultimate level 80 bundle is a useless money grab too :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom ui :Get Strange UI ,there are updated versions on the forum.King UI is not being maintained for a long time afaik.

Communities: Someone else will have to answer this.


You should not have to repurchase anything on your account even if you use a steam client. Just log in with your old credentials and you’ll still have access to all the stuff you bought before.

Don’t listen to this guy above. He sounds bitter.

While funcom is not exactly known for its glowing customer service or it’s wise decision making, The game is still enjoyable to play whether you like PVE or PVP.
I will say that you should probably make sure that you’re playing on the crom PVE server because Fury is considered a low population server now and you won’t get to experience a large portion of the game if you’re there. Things such as raids and dungeons and whatnot

People in fury don’t care for such things. We’re perfectly content doing nothing but PVP.

If that sounds like something you’re into then come on by. If not, see you on Crom!


Without a doubt don’t create a new account, just log in with your old user name and password to take advantage of all the old benefits (including the vet rewards for having an old sub account) you earned back when you played.

Granted you’ll have a lot less character slots to use than you used to have, but instead of using the money for the ultimate bundle, maybe use to to unlock a couple of character slots.

For guilds; THE VILAYET SEA SERPENTS (CROM GUILD) might be an option. They were set up for new / returning players that wanted to play ALL the content.

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Agree with the first reply, if you want an mmorpg to play for what the genre is with progression, challanges, playerbase that makes it feel like a mmo, its not good anymore. But if you mainly want to experience a conan world and lore, its great still

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I agree with Spread, go to Crom server unless PvP is your only interest. And yes, the game is still fun and there are good people still. Don’t listen to those that complain but still play or troll the forums for unknown reasons. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it.


Understand. I’m a really serious Conan fan so I’ll give it a try on my old account. I have so many things on it and lots of unique things I never used.

I’m sad to hear the King UI was abandoned. It was so elegant and beautiful I wonder it can still be used.

Sure. I would only do the repurchase to support FC and have it all show on my Steam account.

Sadly I’m behind the great firewall of China due to my job so competitive PvP is off the table unfortunately. I will go for the Crom server if it is an option for my old toons. I had 6 max toons back in the day. I dont know how many I have now however.

That is the plan I have so many things on my account I never used that I was saving for a rainy day that never came.

Someone sent me a guild invite on Facebook for the Vipers Nest maybe that is the one you are talking about. Nonetheless, I do want to replay all the content again. It was fun back in the day, especially with a guild.

No doubt. That is my core objective to simply experience the Conan world and lore again and hopefully with some good players.

The guild I Spartans I seem to be looking for ppl and they are running T1 - T3/4 on eu time. They post on global often. I think Vilayet is more North America time and they haven’t started raiding.