New player / comeback question

Hey guys,
Ive been playing AOC looong time ago, I figured out that I really loved system and how it was so I decided to come back.
Question here, is it worth? Isnt the game dead? How many players are active?
Im Polish.

I enjoy the game. I also enjoyed Age of Conan (AoC) as well. I play ESO and CE currently the past 2 years. Some people will enjoy the game, others will not. Its a subjective question. If you already have the game, I suggest, just start playing the game to gauge if you have any interest in it.

My tastes (or anyone) in games may not match yours.

This is probably the best advice I can give on the subject.

I totally get you, but the main deal is about people, is world seems to be daed, or if there are many players that I can meet, that’s main thing that is important to me.

Is that part of the equation of deciding?

As long as FC continues to make money it is not dead.

Then try the private servers, you will meet better people IMO.

Picking the right server (in any game) is the hard part since one server can have a great community, while another toxic. I see double digits on my official server, but my private servers for example are in the single digits. Although a bunch of private servers are packed with players. So finding what your needs are, you may wish to join one of those top pop servers (official or private). Other servers can fluctuate day to day which could feel dead at times and packed at other times.

I am not sure how the Official servers can be half full one day and empty the next. It is like the wildebeest migrations. It seems to be a quarterly thing, one quarter the officials I play on are filling up, then a few months later they are empty.
Of course playing on PVE-C servers, I think that new players mistakenly think they will learn the PVP “ropes” and then move on to hardcore. :rofl:

The server I play on, I see almost 20 players one day, 6 the next. Its a rollercoaster ride. Although other than odd hours of course, there is always people on. The other official server which I only pop on once or twice a week, I see fluctuate even more but tend to have less players on average overall.

Shrug. 2/3rds of my time is on my servers so I am not helping the official server numbers either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do yourself a favor don’t play. Nothing good will come of you getting back into it. It’s still broken as F.
Stuff you paid for as a dlc has been altered and is no longer the product you paid money for. ie armor sets.
So you can’t trust funcom with your money or their credibility.

He said this before buying DLCs, and even before buying Siptah :rofl:

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Then Welcome to Age of Conan 2.0

We are not quite there yet, but with the incoming character travel system a big step is being made towards that direction.
The building system that we missed in AoC we have it in here, reworked.
Not quite there yet here either, no, the game is not dead is being developed, quite heavily lately.

After a bad 2020, things really look good in the way they aproach their releases. If you enjoyed AoC, you will have fun in Conan Exiles aswell.

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Could you provide proof that I bought siptah? Since I never bought siptah or will.
I’d like to know which ■■■■ you are pulling your facts from cause it’s obvious that you are fisting the truth.

If you haven’t, you will when some scary siptah dweller comes to your map and destroys you. Either you’ll get it too or you’ll actually leave.

For you to be right in this situation would be to quit. But like I said before, you won’t do that. Most of the claims of boycott or not supporting the company are total rubbish.

you clarity of ignorance is totally out of this world. - what ever makes your boat float go for it.

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