Worth getting into?

I haven’t played Age of Conan for like 9-10 years, so I don’t remember anything tbh.
I’m more of a multiplayer guy so is this game worth getting into again?
How’s the player base?

If u don’t play since 9 years, you prolly didn’t play any expansion (Rise of Godslayer was released in May 2010) and the game changed in many ways since beginning, so yes it worths getting into again because you missed all Khitai, Turan and Dragons Spine maps, all group an solo dungeons in those maps (more than 20), raids from T3.5 to T6, raid finder, arena and other stuff (included the recent time-limited Saga server)
On the other side, the game is likely in maintenance mode (so bug fixes, prolly other time-limited server, maybe a dungeon, but not new expansions even if Funcom seems more interested to Conan franchise cause the launch of Conan Exiles) and the player base is low, I guess, comparing new games.

Malediluna pretty much hit it right on the head. I’ll add a couple points to it.

If you’re into Pvp; Fury (Pvp server) is DEAD and Pvp on Crom (PvE server) isn’t much better (there’s only 2 servers now), so if you’re looking for Pvp this probably isn’t the game you’re looking for.

Crom has people, little thin in spots, but if you get into a guild early on you should do OK in finding that multi-player aspect you’re looking for. Pop got a boost from the recently closed limited time Saga server they did.

If you still remember your login and password your account will still be there so you’ll bypass a lot of the new account F2p restrictions so you should be pretty well off.

Is it that dead It’s not worth starting a char in? Already made one in Fury x_x

Fury is a ghost town for sure dont play there , only Crom is worth playing on now days, although if you wanted open world pvp this is very limited to border kingdoms (3 small zoness) , so if open world pvp is your thing id walk on and look for something else .

Thank god I only got to lvl 7 then.

There is still much to do in the game, especially if you have been away for many years. AOC most likely will have no major content updates going forward, but there are the expansions, Raid Finder, seasonal events, and the next Saga Server coming up at some point.

Come join me and my guild on Fury Nickolay! :slight_smile:

There is also the Saga server you could try out.

Fury is dead, Saga server is a poor attempt at reviving pvp. Join us on Crom, it’s better here than in Pvp servers for sure.

Poor attempt? Yesterday 4 instances in kesh for several hours mate :slight_smile:

Have never had as fun for years as now on the Saga-server.

Meeting great new people and having lots of fun! :slight_smile:

You should try it out and give Saga a whirl Nicko :slight_smile:

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