Alive? Still worth it?

Is this game still worth getting back to now? Any recent updates, bug fixes? Anything new? Which server is recommended?

As a F2P you have nothing to loose! Apart your HD space :smiley:

Recent updates - New T6-like epic weapons with 2-4 gem slots for legendary gems from Onslaught maps (2 maps where you fight against waves till everyone is alive).

Bug fixes - it depends but for me the game is playable without any major bugs. Lag spikes from time to time + the legendary invisible horse are still present :wink:

Server - Crom for PvE and also PvP (minigames, festivals, etc). Fury for PvP but not much players there.

The best answer for you is to log in and try to get in a guild or play with your friends.

You can ofc go solo with RF (raid finder)/GF (group finder) and WB (world boss) with ONS (Onslaught) pug grind but thats not much fun…

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Current status was well described in post above me. Game is definitely worth it imo. There is no game matching age of conan that I could find that is worth my time.


yep, not a single one of those :smiley:


Depends where u left off. The game havent had any meaningful content-additions in years and it doesnt look bright on the horizon. If you left the game long ago there might be some new stuff to do.

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100% YES. Still one of the best MMORPGs ever created! 80 Level and advancement beyond that - full of thousands of amazing PVE encounters and quests. The pvp is amazing but also easy to avoid. Most groups will happen later in the game. Its such a well thought-out experience. Try everything!

RP, PVE, PVP, etc. - fun for all! I will play this game as long as possible. If the devs gave it some love, they could easily launch a new xpac and get millions of new players. Who knows if it will happen? But the games content is the draw here. Its well-made and will always be an epic experience.

Best part is everything is pretty close to how things were in the real world a thousand years ago. Its Hyboria, but easy to pretend you are back in history.


As you can see OP, it depends who you ask. I for one recommend it. It’s free to play, it only takes up 30 or 40 gigs of hard drive space. Plus it runs fairly well on any modern computer.

That being said, I have to tell you to be wary of Funcom. They are an incompetent lot. they literally have made it nearly impossible for you to pay for things such as premium subscriptions. Not impossible mind you, just nearly impossible.

Caveat emptor

Also if you want to experience everything the game has to offer at this point you’ll need to play on the Crom PvE server.

Fury is a desolate wasteland of mindless PvP and that’s all anyone ever does on that server. You’ll find no raiding or PVE dungeon groups there.

Abandon all hope ye who enter Fury PvP.

Better to stick to the kiddie pool for now, aka Crom :wink:

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200+ ppl online on crom, in primetime lol, and new content is daily grind, not worth comdback m8

I was deep into PvE, but after leveling several characters to 80, the luster has grown tarnished.

Not being into whacking on other players - a habit from my D&D days - the process to advance became rather stale.

But, still the best for graphics and combat compared to anything else I’ve seen.

Now, though, I’m into Conan Exiles and, having discovered I can build my own content on a private server, there’s a good chance I’ll not return to AoC. Although, if Funcom would release the ability to set up private servers and give admins the power to perform like referees in a FtF RPG, then I’ll jump back in with fresh exuberance. I mean, holy cow, all the unused doors and buildings that abound all over the place.

Anyway, if you’re new, then, yeah, it’s great, best you can get; held my attention for years. So, I’d recommend it.

Last 9 months - less than 200 players online per day
Its time to lower prices of ererytginh in game i think. No time for grind

Nah, people leave because of the absence of challenge. It is time to revert the latest drops in prices and raid simplifications and remove OS, WB, SG, and RF.


I’m a returning player since august 2021 and won’t leave the Game again. Very recomendable!!