Is this game worth buying yet?

Ive been watching videos on youtube of Conan decided to jump in buy the game and my own server , had a quick look here first then noticed a lot of people have problems with lag with no responses. Has anyone any info on if this is going to be fixed its been my experience in game that if a game suffers with lag it only gets worse not better.

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NOOOO i play solo offline and after hotfix it became a clusterf u c k. Error codes are the worst tho. Don’t i repeat don’t buy it. Might as well give me your money if you wanna waste it. Want my PayPal? :slight_smile:

Not yet, considering it has a triple a price as well.
When I pay this much for a game i expect it to at least be optimized, it feels insanly rushed as a money grab.

I’d wait, they managed to get age of conan running fine so hopefully they’ll do the same here, wait for a sale.


I will say this… It has its moments when it’s very fun and rewarding.

But then it has at least twice as many moments where it is insanely frustrating.

I personally, would wait. There is a lot of potential in this game. They just need to stop fuсking around worrying about throwing launch parties and start shelling out patches.


do not wast your time on this rubbish.i think they got together with ark on this one as a quick cash grab i do not think they will even fix this mess.

Nope, I’d refund if possible… thralls (about 40% of the game) have MULTIPLE GAME BREAKING BUGS, none of which have been addressed such as:

Not regening health
Falling through the ground (both broken and unbroken)
Spawning multiple times (overlapping each other) when respawning after a prior kill/knockout

The game is smooth and building is fun (all be it short lived) but to put it simple you cannot protect yourself REGARDLESS of what type of server you’re on (including pve…) because all thralls are killable on all servers, don’t regenerate their health, and don’t attack pve players even when attacked :unamused:

Nope stick to ark it’s broken. Atleased for now

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Buy it … there are most definitely some issues, but iv come across nothing that makes the game unplayable (for me). Thralls need fixing and occasional combat lag/glitches, but the amount of fun im having with the game far outweighs any downside iv personally come across.


As the others have said I’d hold off until the next patch as least and see how that changes things, it is a great game but it has some issues that can really have a negative effect on your experience.

I don’t know the state the game is on PS4, but on PC the game in my opinion is fun. It still feels a lot like early access thought, a few bugs, some bad AI, and stuff like that, but is still fun. Except if you are in SA, i think SA dont have private servers on PS4 and the official ones are not working since launch.

TL;DR worth buying

South American PS4 is unplayable…

Single player seems to be pretty unplayable atm with alot of crahses. I’ve been playing with my wife since release on a official pve server and we have only crashed once (PS4 Pro and a slimline).

If your not into the PvP side of things the biggest problem we have faced with the pve servers are the horrible lag. It will kill and frustrate you far more than anything else in the game. Beasts and humans are stood still, but then suddenly your health dips and they suddenly appear behind you, you roll and rubber band around, sometimes straight off cliffs. The frustration this has brought me is huge. The lag aside the game is very enjoyable, my wife and I have built some rather good bases and are almost level 60. Being pve we have never botherd with thralls (they can be killed by players on pve servers atm) and have yet to see a purge so…

TLDR: Games great and playable online, just when the server lag hits (and it does, regularly) get ready to smash your console into bits! Always ALWAYS have a bed roll. The walk from the desert to the north is a long slog.

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when the game works its pretty good despite it missing alot of things. im pretending we are still in EA, there is no way this is full release. Personally i got it just before release for the price. If i knew that this was still in EA i would have waited for a sale much longer down the line. Not saying its a bad game because it is really fun, but needs alot of work.


do NOT buy this yet! so many bugs, bad performance throughout (textures and models loading in VERY late etc) gamecrashes, corrupted saves…
dont waste your money on this alpha test anytime soon… wait a couple months at LEAST and then before you buy it, check all the patch notes again etc.

Dont buy it! Seriously! Better, and less stressful games out there!

-It has a beautiful environment, and great soundtrack! They did a great job of fleshing out the world! I love this world they made!

The cons ruin it though … they over power the good by A LOT!

Common Cons-
-Crafting seriously needs some balancing. Tools degrade a little too on the fast side, as does weapons and armor. This forces you to either make short specific trips, or carry mats around to repair everything, or make much lighter, but nearly useless, repair kits.
-Leveling is not grindy which is really nice, but crafting tier 2 or 3 upgraded materials/gear is, and maintaining it all is. Its not terrible by any sense, but feels more grindy over the opportunity of saying, wow that was a fun experience. It more like, welp, I need 20 more steel pieces to make a single wooden wall, so that means I need 40 steel ingots, which means 40 steel fire, which means 40 brimstone and 40 tar, which means I need to farm 40 leather, and when I have that I still need 80 raw iron to melt down (numbers of course are ballpark and depend on your Thrall’s tier) Dont have Thralls? no prob! First get 200 iron pieces and blah blah blah. (ever play an MMO?Usually you grind the beloved “fetch quests” and then move to the next area. Well, since you are building, its like every day is a fetch quest, over … and over … and …) Ahem, ok so then go farm tribe/faction encampments to find some good Thralls! Just be sure to not mind the hope crushing lag, or that fact that some rando(s) is prob farming that spot (since there is only a couple good ones) for god knows why other than to collect Thralls, and prob. just murdered all the crafting Thralls. And after all that Congrats! You have 1 tier 2 wall!
-Thralls (combat ones) are broken as sh*t and useless. 'Nough said.
-Lag. The lag is real, and a real pain in the ■■■. You rubber band or root during combat forcing you to burn through resources too fast. Enemies who were in front of you will lag behind you which is a big pain in the ■■■ against Archers who btw, can back peddle while they draw, aim, and shoot you usually faster than you can run up and hit them with anything other than 2h weapon. I dont mean charge at them. I mean touch your nose to theirs, hit your attack button, and there is a fair chance they are out of range already.

Those are some core cons. Eveyone has their personal ones.

Save your money. This game is not ready, and since I have starting reading similar posts from PC users posted a year ago, I dont think it ever will be.
Watching Youtube vids with your fav tuber is more fun, and way less annoying.

I enjoy it, but i havent experianced any major Game breaking issues. Its a little laggy at time, no more in my experiance than Ark. The issue with Thralls suck but at the moment i have all my attacking Thralls stashed in a box so i wont lose them :slight_smile: I like the farming for the materials to upgrade to tier 2, it is grindy but then these types of games are about the grind :confused:

If you are thinking of buying on PS4 my one recommendation is if you have a buddy who has it, set up a share play session and then make up your own mind.

I’ve had the game since launch, followed it since the first early access so was expecting a few issues on launch, its just the state of the industry.


it’s a game of survival
It is made for suffering in Howard’s fantasy world
Who said that it will be easy?

I bought and do not regret it
In any case - much better than 7daystodie


I guess I should of waited longer for responses , I went ahead and got it on ps4 after watching a few ps4 streams on twitch , they had no problems so i thought I’d be ok .
I’ve tried all the lowest ping servers and it is unplayable how is this not theft?
You know how hard it is to return a digital copy to sony.
I really like the idea , I can see that they took out all the annoyances of Ark and made what could be a way better game I want to get sucked in but anything that looks interesting like a cave or that big boat renders the game useless.
Have the devs responded to anything about this besides the usual blaming peoples internet connections or they taking the wildcard route by trying to distract everyone by adding stuff instead of fixing because I’m not going down that road again.

… also Ive spent a while in this forum and I cant find a dev response to anything , These conversations should really be happening on reddit , people should know the real state of the game before they buy, 50 euro for nothing!

It’s a great game when it works…or should i say if it ever works. The chances are too high that you can’t play it when you buy it.

I’m gonna test running my own private server to see if that’s any better