After Update 2.4 Conan is Complete Broke!

  1. Performance and lagg is extreme! ( Ps4 Pro )

  2. Rendering and Npc spawn are a Joke! ( invisible thralls, animals they bug around and Things they not work ( GG Funcom )

  3. 16 Pvp Server on ps4 for the EU? Biggest Joke in the History of a relase!!! All EU Server are Full !!!

  4. I want my Money back. Thats Not the Performance that i want Play und thats Not the Bug Game that i want to Play! Send ne a Email where i can my Money back! Thx !!!


Yeah I noticed the rendering being extremely slow and invincible stuff hitting you and what not,
They definitely have to add more siptah maps in all regions then make it go on play station plus or PlayStation now . We need pop in general ! I like how it’s all full but I know they can make it better with higher server slots even

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I have been playing the Siptah on PS4 for one week. I have experienced at least 30 unique bugs/glitches. Many of them are consistent. Absolutely nothing works with it’s NPC or Thrall AI system. It is broken is so may ways, consistently. Enemies lag around, trap you under them, fall through the map, etc etc etc etc. Followers do not obey any commands, trap you, etc etc etc. Many UI/inventory bugs. All of these things carryover from Exiles. I could write a book about the bugs 8n this game; however, I’ll get to the point. This is the buggiest game I have ever played, constantly nothing works. Absolutely garbage execution of a great idea for a game. Sony should screen a game before allowing a game to be sold. You can’t play this game without experiencing bugs nonstop and ruining everything you want to enjoy. My only hope is that a real game developer will buy the rights and release a playable version.

I too would like my money back.


If you really want a refund of the money, what you will have to do is report it to Sony, since it is the company from which you bought the dlc, you should know that you have 15 days after the purchase and they will ask you why you want a refund monetary.


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