Yes I'm back aaand

… and the game is a friggin buggy mess!

Hi guys, Tselem eventually decided to reinstall the game (PS4 fat version, “real” day one physical copy owner) to see how it has improved in these long months I’ve been away (before the release of Siptah).
I’m an offline player, I do not own Isle of Siptah so I simply restarted a new exiles lands game.
There are some interesting news:
I like the bandage-potion healing system, I like (finally) that you can create a small-tall character and it’s hair/clothes do not die after some time, I like the weapons shown on the back, still trying to understand these new workbenches but, yay maybe?
But for christ sake… the game is not capable to render anything (I’m playing “quality” instead of “performance”… performance option made the graphic poor and flat as a PS1 game), not the dresses, and not even the basic workbenches /beds, equipments…
It also freezes for a 3/4 secs every 3/5 minutes?
Never had such as issues in the past, or at least not with this “gravity”.
I’ve a small base for now (I’m not a fan of huge empires anyway) but the game is coughing and stuttering like I built my version of the roman empire (patch 1.72 ATM).
Is there anyone suffering same issues?
I know that with every patch the game breaks a lil’ more each time, but this is going completely unplayable; is there some known issues that will be resolved in the (seh) upcoming hotfixes?
(remember I’m just back, I was not following the forum anymore.)

Anyway Hi guys, hope you are all well!

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I wasn’t able to use 1.72 through its duration on either of my PS4s. The disc-based one here in my den needed a file check, and when it loaded back up was rolled back to 1.61. Which runs a treat.

In my living room my Conan is on the hard drive and categorically runs considerably better. Personally I can’t imagine the PS4’s condition getting any better. It does well what it was intended to do, but it looks like Conan is too burly.

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First of all, welcome back Aquilonian exile :wink:, nice to have you back . I am doing very well, thank you.
Since you play on ps4, yes, I can understand what you say, but I stopped long ago to play Sp. I play only online because of the state of our console. I still didn’t deliver my ps5 console :pensive:.
YES we have rendering issues, invisible npcs, blah, blah, blah, all these annoying issues, but I cannot say that it is unplayable :man_shrugging:. I wish my ps5 will arrive the next days because I am eagering to build with something with the new dlc.


… aaaaand no, even the clothing/hair physics died again (altered height in creation).
Just completed my first Zath dressing (new religion: another pro that I forgot, but here we are with some new (and old) “cons”
• Dying physics (not mentioning breast bouncing dying always after 30 secs from character creation),
• each time I log into a bench (any one: furnace, bonfire… any) the game stops and freezes for 5/6 secs
• heavy failing rendering (sometime you even turn your back, re.turn and the rendering is gone again)
• and I do not even started to “patronize” some free people around here and reading the forum I’m pretty “scared” about these movement issues.
• the spider minion (yezud globe) sometime s spawns and does not have any idea about the enemy around it, I suppose slav*s work share the same dumbness…
• Don’t know if it’s me or I have bad memory: the water looks fake AF, it looks like a plate of glass, have it been reworked (somehow) or is it me? Maybe I played too many game in the mean time with “decent” water surfaces?
Ahh Funcom Funcom…

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The waters are like this after 2.4.
I don’t actually pay so much attention to breast bouncing :rofl::rofl::rofl: so I cannot say. My Bella is almost always naked in the house, but I use 99% first face because it helps me organize better.
To be honest since you don’t have Siptah the game is normally looking worst. The new content of Siptah didn’t let me pay attention to these details, I had a new toy to distract me :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
But yes, when it comes to the graphics, rendering etc…, the game was looking better before you leave in exile lands.
In any case you will love the new horses, they are almost perfect and ofcurce we finally have dragon bone armors and they are awesome. We have light and medium in silent legion and any named armorer can fix the redeemed set. Try to fix the tier 3 benches the soonest possible, they make huge material economy and you will love the speed furnace. Unfortunately smelters are decorative, but I think this will change if it doesn’t already with the new patch.

In any case, Welcome back and trust me, in some days you will get use to all these issues :wink:.


Welcome back. Try using the Orb of Negal and redo your character with out starting over . Been playing on Siptah off and on since yesterday’s update on a private server seems to be working better than before. We where experiencing the bench issues you are talking about pre patch. Have not tried offline. I have a Exiles server you are welcome to play on if you are interested. Good luck.


I just used the orb of nergal (admin spawn to try alter the height ) aaaand here we are, game stucked into that forever.
I’m dowloading the now 1.73 patch (to fix I hope the orb of nergal) but I had to delete 3 games from my memory…
for a game that is not even rendering…
really guys, any menù that I’m opening freezes me up for 3/5 secs, each time I open the item wheel I freeze… for christ sake trigazillions of GB and the gameplay is very exhausting, I don’t know if I will get used, honestly I feel very very discouraged right now.

Personally, on the PC I love where your game is right now, 1.72. It’s never played better, and never looked better.

Over the weekend I’ll need to take my PS4s into my office and download these enormous patches and see how my black boxes are doing. I’ll be interested in your impression of 1.73/2.6.

Conan Exiles has “cyberpunked”… not to be played on an old console, but it was somehow playable when I bought it, and in 2 years I went trough broken storyline (Razma’s door blocking the mains tory progression LOL) and into numerous patches that, yes, added new features but also many issues (some never resolved)… but it was playable…
Was not beautiful (I always said and I say it again: artistically is cool, but technically is developed by blind monkeys) but was effective and engaging…
Now I have the PS4 basically half occupied by CE and it works bad, oh so bad…
How am I supposed to be “allured” to buy DLC? All I feel is the need of a flamethrower ^^
Lets see tomorrow if this 1.73 patch fixed the issues (AAAHHH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH)


lol :laughing:


Ve’re COUNTING on you!



If I had this issue on PC I would be as furious as you :triumph:

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I’m trying hard fellas but it’s a mess…
each time (and I mean each *effing time) I throw an orb the games pauses 3 secs, each time I aim the bow for the power shot the game freezes for 2 secs, each time I turn too fast the game lags…
It’s really un-playable on my system (old gen fat PS4).
The nergal Orb now works but the fundaments of the game itself are crushing…
Many new things yes but in exchange of playability, I can ignore somehow the un-rendering, I can have a laugh on how the minions (thralls or pets) stumbles, blocks or remains undecided even when attacked directly, but I simply cannot avoid to be frustrated in stuttering in basic movements and actions…
And I’m not even an online player!
Trying hard man but… I dunno.

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LOL it’s only an issue that has never been resolved… nothing important (but is there something not important in a game to be placed and not working?) but it always felt strange to me that when you create a character it works immediatley, but then after… I dunno 30 secs? it dies and never “came back to life”, hair/clothes physics resume if you get out and re-enter the game, but breast jigglin’ dies no matter what…

I really appreciate your thread, since it made me understand all that ranting of console players on this forum.
I can fully sympathize with someone like you, who has reason in his arguments, who can word his frustration without firing personal attacks on the dev team. Thank you for that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My conclusion, since Conan Exiles was playable on older console in the past:
Console players really seem to have been ‘cyperpunked’, but from behind. :laughing:

That’s exactly the point, I’m an old boomer (47 here) and had my hyperventilation rant when I bought this game (and still am mad for paying a full price to be a beta tester though) but I managed to step on the (many) issued that the game had (and has) and enjoy the mood.
But now the issues are too overcoming, I simply can’t play:
i freeze each time I:
• enter a menu
• enter a wheel
• turn too fast
• cross an area (way less than a cell)
• throw any orb
• shoot with the bow
• run for “too long” or “too far”
• change the equipped items (they do not load and I stay in position waiting for them to appear)
• move between the menues of any bench/category (not only entering)
• battling with enemies looks like a turn based game ^^

Basically the game is continuously freezing, the only thing I can do without playing issues is to walk… taking long strolls along the beach, but well… maybe I would like to do more ^^

All the remaining issues are “only” graphic (christ the noob river is unwatchable, looks like a immovable glass!) and all the un-rendering of everything (clothes or environment, even basic enemies like crocs or spiders) can be ignored.
But why should I ignore something like that?
I’ll try to force down this week and keep trying but I’m not so positive and I suppose that saturday I will uninstall it permanently, it has no sense having a dinosaur into my consolle, occupying all the memory and not even working as intended.
The game became way less playable than the last time… so the future does not seem too bright here.
Hope some miracle happen in the meantime.

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