PS4 Performance and technical issues - Feedback thread


Hello Exiles,

In order to keep the conversation about performance issues regarding the PlayStation4 version of Conan Exiles focused, we would like to ask you to send all your feedback in this thread so we can monitor it more efficiently.
We are working on this issue and we would like to have as much (constructive) information as we can possibly gather. If you’re experiencing issues regarding performance, including stuttering, low framerate or input lack of responsiveness please do let us know in this thread. Details that could help us immensely are:

  • Are you playing single player, multiplayer (PVP, PVE)?
  • Which are the areas of the game that show these issues consistently?
  • Is your game/server containing a large number of buildings and player-made structures? If so, are they complex?
  • Are you experiencing these issues more consistently with a large number of Thralls?
  • If possible, could you upload a video showing these issues?

Any piece of info you can provide can be of monumental help to us, so please let us know! Also, we would also like to ask you to keep the conversation civil and on topic :slight_smile: Please post into this thread instead of opening a new one, so we can keep the conversation focused into the same place.
We will try to merge all the topics regarding this issue into this one.


Bugs after new update 1.28 ps4
Freezing and crashing a lot!
Game is broken!
Game freeze and lost connection to server
Bugs after new update 1.28 ps4
PS4/PRO lags freeze game crash
Ps4 crashing/lagging
Please fix the lag
Constant stutter, Freezes. Pretty much unplayable
Bluescreen CE-34878-0 after freeze frame
Constant stutter, Freezes. Pretty much unplayable

So, before the update I would crash/freeze in my base about 10 times through about a 6 hour time period. If heavy raiding was going on, it would be more like 20 every 2 hours.

But, after this update, I got on to play the new update and enjoy it, and I’ve only been on for an hour and a half, and I have crashed, froze, disconnected at least 8 times now. I keep failing to connect to the server after the loading screen is done after 5 minutes.

I literally spend more time trying to reconnect to the game, than I do playing it.

Honestly, give me back my stamina glitches, and take all the DLC’s I bought back, just take it all out at this point.

Orrrr, make it so my base can load in smoothly! I literally can’t play, and neither can my clan.

I know it’s a big base, but cmon. It’s official pvp, we need to be on to keep our stuff alive, and to constantly be getting items. Don’t throw away months of work that we have put in.


After blue screening, I have failed to connect to server 4 times now. And what sucks, is my hunger and water goes down a lot every time this happens. So no doubt I’ll be dead once I connect… If I connect and don’t freeze that is.


This game freezing and losing connection to server problem is getting super bad. Y’all need to fix it.


Another day and more of the same problems. FIX THE GAME FREEZING AND LOST CONECTION TO SERVER ON THE REJOIN. It happens every day in our base and has been going on for half a month now.


Ps4 slim run and before the stamina bar runs out game starts to stall out have tried this on 3 servers private gportal last attempt no one else on server no building around heading east on river level 8 pvp server


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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Please fix lag!!!

[Free text]
Please fix Lag as number one priority updates seem to cause more lag game would be a lot better if it would quit freezing all the time it’s very aggravating

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hey everyone,

It would be incredibly helpful for us if anyone could upload a video highlighting the performance issues reported.



Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]
Please please please. Fix the game freezes when I’m in our base. We are the alpha and our base is huge, and each of my clan mates have game freezes 2 times per hour. Then when we try to rejoin the server we get the message of can not connect to server. Please fix this.

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Hey there,

Would it be possible if you could send us a video clip of those issues on this same topic or via private message?

Thank you in advance.



Does nobody there have a console to test with?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go to store, buy console
2.install conan exiles
3.experience aforementioned “bugs”
4.facepalm repeatedly, throw controller through tv screen

seriously though, if you can’t afford a console to test with perhaps we all could help with that


Ps4 my wife and I playing last night trying a empty private EU server very few building the momentary lag pauses in game made her nauseous we had to quit.If we have to buy the Dlc to get rid of this BS. I will it seems like this happened before the other Dlc releases. I just want to play the game not be critical or pissed off but its getting there and yes there are other issues but can’t fight or build if you can’t run.


multiple times the damage between Enviroment v Players and Players v Players would turn off and come back sporatically. As well as Harvesting. Bombs and Gods still did damage (kinda need to turn off PVP if you don’t fix this, as i am sure some clans will be pulling out any tokens they have, with very little chance to stop them.). Also, blue screen seems to happen around inventory boxes. Would sometimes get loading data when i hit square. somtimes Bleed would still damage. no stamina drain when swinging weapons. Official PVP server. Very full player list at these times. Damage issue seemed to happen after multiple Jhabal Sags were summoned on server.


How can we send vidio clip without Facebook or such this Is about as far as I get into social media I we would like to help ps4 doesn’t seem to have a lot of options


Regular ps4 offical server 3510 pve I have a big camp pyramid all god shrines map room 30 thralls 15 animals a two foundation thick wall surrounding built between the mitra trainer an the walls of the orange city in the desert valley there problem I can go in camp maybe ten mins I freeze blue screen then crash this happens everytime I go I camp sometimes it takes longer but normally I only get ten mins please help


A few issues I’ve been having in single player are;

  • Upon death, the game will freeze about 5 seconds, this will occur 100% of the time regardless of cause, time and location of death.
  • Detection for gathering from bushes is inconsistent, I can have the bush in the very center of the screen and right in front of me, and not gather from it sometimes, or I can have a bush about 3 metres away to the side of the screen and still gather from it. Plus there are instances where I can gather from a bush once and it is no longer be able to be interacted with.
  • Dagger hit detection is spotty and inconsistent, I can perform attacks that appear to connect and do no damage whatsoever, yet some attacks that appear to miss will connect.
  • Frequent short stutters in certain areas, most notably the jungle.


Honestly this bug is ruining the server. I can’t harvest anything nor damage players or npcs, it starts and ends mostly during pvp time, rest of the day is fine. Whole bug is killing the server and ruining raid plans.


Although apparently this problem is widespread, I think this problem runs true for most active pvp servers


Hey there,

We have collected a few reports about similar issues experienced in other platforms. I will inform the team and see what could be the cause.
Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:



Hi, the Problem with freezing is, when you have to many Thralls in your Base. I get every 10 Seconds freezing. Now i have removed all 50-60 Thralls. No Freezing…No Problems. You can build Big Bases, no Problem. But only the Thralls make problems…