PS4 Hotfix (18.02.2019) - Performance Improvements

Hey everyone,

We’ve released a new hotfix for the PlayStation 4 version which aims to improve general performance based on community feedback.


  • Added additional console-specific performance improvements based on community feedback. The game should run more smoothly now.

We would like to thank everybody that continues to contribute to our forums with constructive feedback helping us tackle this issue. It is a continual effort, and we will continue to work on improve performance and stability across all platforms in upcoming patches.


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.

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Are we ever gonna fix blue screening or we just gonna lie bout fixing the blue issues

Thank you. I will give it a try tonight.

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My wife and I put 60 or more hours this weekend combined not many blue screens ps4 gportal server

download the update …

How about a feedback option in the game itself?

i just had a bluescreen in the last 2 weeks since i got the game and that was yesterday. maybe you have too many people in the friends list or does anything else with the ps4 by the way or the conan exiles server is very full?

why does the game adopt the settings while adjusting, instead of only accepting the settings when it’s done? it’s constantly loading while you’re adjusting

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It does seem to run a little smoother. But the settings got messed up for me. The nudity setting keeps getting changed on me and when I change it back it won’t stay

Great news! Will check it out this afternoon. Hopefully the stuttering/freezing is gone completely.

thumb up, the game is now running with the patch in comparison, really very good

now you can take care of other things if necessary: D

The new update does not work. And yes I have restarted my system. When I check the update history on the game itself it says that it is still the last one, not the current one (I don’t remember the update number right now.) I also created a new game. What gives?

Explain better.

How does this sound, my system is showing update 1.12. NOT 1.32, DOES THAT HELP YOU??? I have put too much money into this game to get a bad update file, when the game came out I had ordered the collectors pack (the big one), it came with a busted statue. I have ordered every one of the dlc’s for both my wife’s and my game. I don’t see how you could not understand what I wrote in my first post. My wife understood what I wrote and she is a software tester. Now I’ll ask my question again, What gives.

@SwearNSC I see the same thing you do.

When I check the download history on the PS4 it says Conan Exiles: Version 1.32 Installed but then when I press the Options button on Conan Exiles and go to Update History it says Version 1.12. @Ignasi can you check to make sure that everything is working correctly because the PS4 is not displaying the correct version number. Do you have a revision number for us to check on the main menu in-game?

I did play for about 15 minutes and the game definitely feels a lot smoother so I imagine the update has been applied. Having said that the stuttering issue is not 100% gone as I did have a few slight pauses but nowhere near as bad as before. Will need further testing to see though.

I did have another issue with ghosting around the character model and around objects (boulders) in the world and also the character model when you rotate the camera around the character model. I believe this was an issue before the update so it wasn’t introduced with the hotfix. I will upload a video for @Ignasi to see.

Hey there @dreamstation and @SwearNSC

There seems to be an issue with the update history log on PS4. As you both mentioned, it displays a prior version. However, this is just a display issue, as the current patch (1.32) is the one active and downloaded. Our team is looking into it but for the time being don’t worry, you’re playing on the latest version.

Thanks for clearing that up. I thought that would be the case but just wanted to check.

First I’d like to say I don’t have as many problems as a lot of people seem to. I have the PS4 Pro, Disc version, and an external hard drive 50 Mbs down. I rarely blue screen as mentioned by others. On a fairly populated server with some rather large builds. I do get the occasional invisible enemy. Ore nodes that disappear and slow loading sometimes for my bases. I think at some point you have to realize that this is a PC game with high system requirements then the PS4 can provide. I’m all for fixing issues but at some point you simple reach the limit of what the PS4 can handle. On a side note, I have played on the downloadable version and the disc version of the game and I do feel that the disc plays much smoother then the downloaded version.

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That’s pretty vague brotherman what exactly should this improve getting a blue screen in camp ? Waiting on buildings to pop in ? The staggering amount of frame rate drops?invisible enemies ?not trying to b a jerk just asking for a lil more clarity.

As of 9.30 pm 2.19.20 ps4 played 3 hours building on a large base mostly encumbered had a purge locust by crown grove. Game clicking along fine. I am happy only issue kicking my building materials in place. Feel it is going our way. Gportal private server

I’d really like to agree with you, except eight months ago the game ran great on official packed servers. The PS4 can handle it, its just all jangled up from updates and patches.

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L2 and R2 patched?

This is just one of those things I can not stand…sick of punch or crouching and going about to bypass it.

Cause otherwise thats 4 strikes in a row…


Your explain on this doesn’t tell us what all been fix. Give us full details like ark does.