PS4 Hotfix (30.01.2019) - Anti-flooding and crash fixes

Hey folks, we’ve got a hot new hotfix coming at you for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles! We are adding in some anti-flooding tools to the game engine to work as a counter measure against certain exploits. We’ll continue to monitor this issue and update the game as necessary.


  • Added anti-flooding tools to the engine.


  • Fixed a server crash caused by null inventory sent from client. In addition, several other similar issues have been adressed for the ConanCharacter and ConanPlayerController.
  • Fixed a crash caused by editing the guild name without being in a guild
  • Fixed a crash relating to invalid hit-locations
  • Fixed a crash caused by invalid building objects
  • Fixed a server-crash relating to rhinos pushing players away
  • Fixed various other, obscure, server crashes
  • Fixed an issue causing unnecessary lag on death - this should now be much smoother.


  • Added anti-flooding tools to the engine.


  • Fixed an issue where the client Healthbar update could get called on the server


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.


I can confirm this has even fixed the short freeze upon death on Singleplayer, I tested by making my character jump off a cliff near my base, although I would like a bit of consistency with the dismemberment upon death, no idea how jumping off caused my character’s head to explode (Not come off, explode, there was no head at all upon death, not even rolling down the incline my character’s corpse rolled down.) upon impact when she landed on her feet.

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The pressure/force that ran thru your feet had to escape somewhere:)


Servidor 3210 por la actualización nos ha desaparecido un archi derketo y un sumo sacerdote jjebhal

cofirmed that i had 0 lag on re-spawning after death.


Awesome can’t wait to get home.

I still get the lag on official.

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Ok so people are saying that the freeze on death issue is fixed but what about the random freezes/stutters that happen during regular gameplay?

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It’s PC, but the issue affecting PC is probably very similar (or identical even, at minimum relevant) to the stuttering on Xbox and PS4. Here is what I most recently wrote about the issue, with relevant links and responses by Ignasis on the problem.

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Hey @dreamstation

Our team is working on performance improvements that will extend to general gameplay situations. This hotfix however, only included the first step towards that goal.
Here is our schedule moving forward, highlighting our current top priorities and patching estimates:


Hey @Ignasi
Appreciate the information. Looking forward to the performance patch :slight_smile: Thanks!

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On PS4
PVP server : 3600

Before this hotfix on PVE-C (3522) I got a minimum of 5 bluescreen and/or freeze per day.

So i was piss…And i decide to change for a pvp gameplay experience. Voila! No more crash for me!
So, on the server 3600. I never had a crash of any kind. Since yesterday 3 crash happen !

I start to think its gonna be worst and worst. I want to stay civilised so i will end my post with this suggestion:

Stop contracting third party company for quality control and for god sake!!! let the senior coder working on these issues and remove the junior coder on that kind of job


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Or at anyone…
L2 and R2 fixed?
I can live with half other BS issues, but this one better be fixed.

i removed this garbage game after a week of people glitching through 3 block walls robbed my entire main base that i had been maintaining for a year, there’s nothing fun or intresting about this game anymore just fustration, things like there being a kick button! why? why not make that for switching over to a ranged weapon quickly or somthing else of more use other than a quest requirement, or the fact that this is a mmo but theres no in game player economy, course what would it matter to accumulate wealth of any sort when all one has to do is walk through a wall and rob an entire base, even if that issue got fixed it does get me back the years worth of work i put into that base nor will sending the players names who had cheated matter since your company won’t do anything about it, ive been gaming for 35 years, conan exiles is the worse purchase of my gaming life which include’s E.T. for atari

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Easy brotherman I feel ur heart attack coming on from here look u obviously at some point really liked this game or at least the idea of what it could b maybe just hold on see if the next big patch helps this last one was mainly just for the death lag bug I hope it gets better for ya

Not once has this game been marketed as an MMO, that was Age of Conan, this game has always been marketed as a Sandbox Survival game, and that genre having a player run economy is pointless. Not to mention you contradict yourself and outright lie at the same time, first you say that you had been maintaining your base for a year, and then mention “years worth of work” later in your post, neither of which can be true since this is the PS4 section, and the full release hasn’t even been out for a year, it was fully released May 8th, 2018.

Lastly, how can you not see a point to the kick? If you had actually tried it in combat, you would see that it’s purpose is to knock the opponent back, giving you some breathing room and put them off balance, basically giving you a free hit or two in or giving you a chance to run.

It seems like you bought the game expecting something other than what it was clearly marketed as, I don’t see why people seem to think Conan Exiles is an MMO and not a Sandbox Survival game, when absolutely nothing hints at it being an MMO, it has zero MMO elements, the player per server cap is too low, not to mention it has virtually every mechanic you’d expect from a Sandbox Survival game.

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Just a heads up I didn’t see it in any patch notes but the decay timers are set back to 7 days i just noticed tonight

Regarding the kick:
I only find it useful when unarmed since punches dont stagger the enemy. The knockback/stagger provided by the kick is the same you get with any melee weapon with but it has less range, does less damage, and its recovery is delayed enough that the opponent can attack you before you can attack them. The kick’s long recovery can only be cancelled by a dodge, and if im gonna be spending almost a 1/3 of my stam dodging anyway, why bother with the kick? It definately needs a rework, like extending the knockback distance or enemy stun duration, or better yet giving weapons a unique use for the button like daggers do with their backflip ( maybe parry for 1 hand weaps and a block for 2 handers)

Does this affect single player games as well? If so that really sucks.