PS4 Hotfix (11.02.2019)

Good afternoon and happy Monday!

We’ve released a new hotfix for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles. This one adds some crash fixes and a very important fix that should help fix issues we’ve had with unresponsive servers.


  • Changed how client and server executes player and NPC actions to avoid servers becoming unresponsive. Specifically it should significantly cut down on instances where interacting with the environment (harvesting and combat) did not work as intended.
  • Additional crash fixes
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thanks a lot for this hotfix

but please fix the lag problem on servers (ps4) too, that’s like a thorn in the eye

do not let us down


Explain better. What is fix? And what is patch. Very little details does nothing.

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Geez…Unless i am wrong, hot fixes and fixes are technically patches. It is just dev terms to quickly identify the size and main scope of said patch. A true patch is usually has multiple game play changes that are planned, or have be vetted as much as possible, and released at the developers leisure or schedule. Fixes are patches with bug fixes/game play tweaks that are usually a result of complaints/feedback from community and weren’t part of original plan. Hot Fix is a fix that is urgent in nature, as bug or issue is considered game breaking and can cause loss of players quickly.

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This is a company not your friends on social medias. A proper explanation is needed. Business is suppose to be different than personal. The investors need more data on fixes.

I don’t think it’s under explained. Some interactions with NPC’s caused crashes now it shouldn’t “Now I can now through the mounds without worrying about blue screen. Some node couldn’t be harvested now they can “watch out coal, I’m coming for you!” 2 things that’s it that’s all they patched this time around.

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I just got booted again, earlier I was killed somehow in my own room

server 3600

Crash fix…
It still never fix the source and/or reason why i get multiple bluescreen each day.

Your customers are starting to get used to having no feedback or honest explanations. Unfortunately, this seems to be your standard.

When the question is asked by more than 10,000 people. You seem to be unable to answer the call

Maybe if Kotaku and game informer start to ask you the same question. We gonna see a real difference.

Its the next step… And im on duty BIGTIME!

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You should fix the bug on PS4 that hides your dead body so that you can’t find it and get back your equipments.


We’re aware of this issue and our team is working on a solution :slight_smile:

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Are there any plans to bring the desnyc patch to ps4?

This is the desync patch :slight_smile:


I found that if I am near the tombstone and don’t see my body I can either open my map and wait 15-30 seconds close the map and my body appears or log out next to where I died and log back in and my body appears. Hope that helps.

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Lmao thank u as u can see I’m very tech savvy :hugs:

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Why does the right stick sometimes move to the left, with my 2 other players it’s the same. I raised the deadzone from .25 to .30 and now it seems to be ok.

and I really hope that the server lags are fixed soon, that’s really an impertinence. no pc player would play this game under such conditions. something like that should be fixed first.

the game in my opinion is not playable under normal conditions, and as it is now, it can not be recommended.

a game can look half as good but smooth, instead of good graphics but total lag. that you can see from built buildings, the interior from afar, because the textures or the lod is not properly furnished, is also a problem
the library of textures quality can be minimized in a short time, which will probably make loading textures much faster.

take a day to the ps4 and play the game on a server that can not be the game the way you want it to be

apparently you have to inform yourself today before you buy a game, if it works normally.


So since playing since this patch I still cannot quickly access what is in my Thrall pots and pet pots. I have to click on them numerous times and change angles quite a bit. I am not 100% sure its just not criminal amounts of lag, but I assumed this patch was for objects not responding in windows. I also get big delays when opening anything. I can’t exactly tell that anything has changed.

I play on PVE official server. Doesn not seem to matter too much when near buildings but sometimes inside of them I will crash moving through window tables.

I was having a similar issue with my pet feeding bins … it was immensely frustrating…then I realised the only time I could open it was when my cursor was hovering over the wooden edge of the feedbox. If it was anywhere else then I could not access the box.
Since then I can open the box every time, the first time IF the cursor is on the edge of the box.

This was not intuitive as the compost box which is a similar shape does not have the same requirement.

Hopefully this additional information will help funcom “fix” the issue or atleast let you fund a more reliable way to access the feeding boxes.

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