PS4 Hotfix (19.10.2018)


Hey everyone, it’s time to update.

We’re rolling out a hotfix for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles today with several fixes for various thrall and pets issues. All the details can be found below.


  • Fixed an issue with pets decaying in animal pens
  • Fixed an issue with food disappearing from Pet and Thrall inventories upon first server restart
  • Fixed an issue where the gender couldn’t be selected for new characters
  • Fixed an issue with Thralls and Pets reacting to player receiving environmental damage
  • Fixed an issue with items in the Inventory of an Archer Thrall disappearing when Thrall started shooting
  • Thrall icons are no longer placeholders
  • Fixed an issue where the gender couldn’t be selected for new characters
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to teleport items from one container to another across any distance
  • Fixed an exploit involving pet names
  • Fixed an exploit where players could glitch themselves through the map
  • Fixed an issue with the Avatar of Jhebbal Sag remaining active longer than set Avatar lifetime
  • Fixed an issue with Werewolves not attacking anymore after howling
  • Fixed an issue with Humanoids NPCs missing nameplates
  • Fixed an issue where the Flawless Khitan Shield could not be crafted
  • Fixed an issue with Crocodile Hatchlings turning into Tamed Spotted Hyenas
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to spawn in the Midnight Grove when dying in certain locations
  • Fixed an issue with grave icons showing in wrong locations
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor stayed on loading screen after using admin teleport
  • Fixed an issue that would stop the crafting of DLC items when the user logs off

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Good job


Since the patch my official Server is lagging like crazy and it takes like 20 seconds to open a door no matter what kind of door it is ( hatchdoor, gateway etc.)


This Game is unplayable right now on official, please for god sake roll the patch back :confused:


Thank you! By chance did you happen to secretly fix the current stam exploit and not want to mention it? I hope :slight_smile:


Can you send me a quick PM please? :slight_smile:

Also general inquiry: Does anyone else experience very notable performance issues after this hotfix besides Spieleabend? @Spieleabend which server are you playing on?


Thank you.


The lag is also on single player. Hovering over crafting station and containers also causes the game to freeze, but this started with the parity patch.


Yes, its horrible now. It seemed to be fixed before the patch, but after the pet patch it became unplayable. Our whole clan is experiencing this. PS4 official server PVE-C # 3828 thanks!!


I’m an having the same issue on Official Server 3828. The lag is so bad that Often times I go from full health to dead (as a level 60) before NPCs or enemies even appear on my screen to let me see what is draining my health. Our fish traps are also only working on initial placement and once emptied, they no longer refill. I love this game but it is getting increasing harder to play due to these issues and the frustration they are causing.


All right, but this issue wasn’t introduced with today’s hotfix then. It has been introduced with the Pet or Jhebbal Sag update? It’s important for us to know :slight_smile:


I am trying to survive at official server 3591 (level 30) but today after my new base is 60hs decay time and the fish traps brand new just 2hs .


@Tascha ive been experiencing it for a while, any time you look at a chest or door the game lags and your sent off into nowhere. I’d say it started maybe a month ago, right after an update that fixed the problem with being unable to select items out of the quick loot screen that pops up to show the inventory before you select whatever it is you’re looking at.


I would say the lag has honestly gotten worse with each of the updates since the one before the jhebbal sag religion release. The fishtraps have been an issue since that one too (or whichever it was that you introduced the baiting system. At least that is my experience.


The fish traps (and wells) are a known issue. It’s prioritized currently so hopefully we have a fix soon.
I’ll note the performance issues. They are really hard to pinpoint to a specific issue in most cases, however.


Yeah i would say the screen freezing and blue screening in are base on official 3113 is alot worse than before the update 34 came to ps4 before it happened once or twice a day now its like 10+ and then its a struggle to get back on cause of the infinite load screen followed by lost server connection and its not just are clan, everyone on the server has been suffering with it.


Não consigo conectar em nenhum servidor fica na tela conectando -se e trava foi após esta última atualização.


E ai amigo, estou recomecando no 3591 e esta em ordem a principio , me procura la , cla Autobots , to sozinho agora mais semana que vem 2 gringos amigos vao se juntar e o servidor ta cheio e dificil.


After the first pet patch about 5 or 6 of us were blue screening all night. about once every minute or two on average. When the first server reset after the patch happened the blue screening seemed to go back to how it had been.


Same here. O server 5393