PC Hotfix (12.10.2018)

Hey everyone,

We’re rolling out a hotfix patch for the PC version to take care of a couple of exploits and a bunch of different bugs that were caught after the Pets Update went live.

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed an exploit involving pet names
  • Fixed an exploit where players could glitch themselves through the map
  • Fixed an issue with the Avatar of Jhebbal Sag remaining active longer than set Avatar lifetime
  • Fixed an issue with Werewolves not attacking anymore after howling
  • Fixed an issue with Humanoids NPCs missing nameplates
  • Fixed an issue where the Flawless Khitan Shield could not be crafted
  • Fixed an issue with Crocodile Hatchlings turning into Tamed Spotted Hyenas
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to spawn in the Midnight Grove when dying in certain locations
  • Fixed an issue with grave icons showing in wrong locations
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor stayed on loading screen after using admin teleport
  • Fixed an issue that would stop the crafting of DLC items when the user logs off

Was just looking what was the last patch about !

Well, exploit-fixes, again and again. Hope this will not bring lot of building-troubles like often !
While nobody like exploiters and cheaters, the constant exploit-fixes are a pain, especially when you run a privat server, and don’t have to care to much with exploiters. It’s mostly all about the official servers, where lot of troubles are coming from, i’m sorry to say that.

Noticed some bugs while i played around with my pets.
Catched 2 shalebacks, same place, same time, put them in the pen, at same time. Result, only 1 shaleback came out after taming. :persevere:

Didn’t repeat the experience with other animals right now, had to log-out for rl, so no time.

steps to repeat the bug:

  • catch 2 shalebacks (for me near Sepermeru at the pond)
  • put all 2 in the taming pen, waite
  • see only one tamed shaleback after the taming-process

tested on singleplayer only for yet.

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Camels need higher hp, one hit from wolf they die.

  1. Meat rate needs to be back way it was rhino gives 5 and thats using best hatchet and elephant gives 11?

  2. How come new dlc has no new furniture or lights, they lived and slept on the dirt?
    4)Decay issue items etc stay at 0.00 from 15 min to 6 hours. This stops people from removing structures from blocking nodes etc.

  3. wells and fountains still bugged.

  4. Loading crafting que stops after first item.

  5. Thralls stand there while you are getitng beaten upon.

  6. Shalebacks are walking glass like camels 1 hit they die should take 2-3 hits.

Still no named to fixed legendary weapons.

any chance to have 2 thralls or 2 pets to follow that way when using camel you have a thrall that can guard it?

Please look into alliances this would help so much and bring players togethor, for dungeon runs, for sharing wheels and adding pincodes so players newbies and vets can help each other.

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i think having several thralls and pets following a player is also a performance issue.
Imagine big server with lot active players roaming around with groups of pets and thralls !

While alliance is in fact a good idea, and there was different treads about, not sure if it will implemented at some point in the futur. Of course it could be fun and useful to have the ability to share out of the given player-clan, and give help and do stuff together.

broke an issue with icons… all my thrall icons look like bags… can no longer just see what type of thrall i have in my inv… all thralls now show up as bags… sigh great work

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and just curious… are we gonna always start everytime we die with half health and blood all over our screen even tho we really have full health? the only way to fix this is to go and get hurt to half health and regenerate, happens when logging in to a server or just from respawning from dying… this is a bug that has been here for a long time… why isnt this addressed… its very very very annoying


Confirmed, all thralls now have placeholder icons. Demon/corrupted spiders and white rhinos still don’t have nameplates.

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sorry since im posting, because i never do because im always playing lol, there are a few more… someone named the aquilonian medium helmet as aqulionian this is misspelled and causes it to show up differently in the list, so its a pain when making a full set, sometimes thralls still fall through the ground after knocking them out… so you have to run far away and then run back to get them to load again, sometimes npc bodies disappear when you kill them… not sure if running away and back again fixes this. fishtraps randomly stop working… only fix is to remove them and place them down, seems to happen after a server restart… annoying when you have 100 fish traps and have to delete and recraft them every 12 hrs
dlc says that weapons are identical to iron counterparts, but when i craft them they have the same stats as stone… so ive wasted my iron for stone weapons not iron weapons…

Posted 1 month ago:


Fixed an issue where the Flawless Khitan Shield could not be crafted

The epic flawless version still can’t be crafted; see Unable to craft epic flawless khitan shield

Funcom has a habit of posting patch notes with fixes in them that are not fixed. The one you mentioned(half health, blood on screen) has been ‘fixed’ in multiple past patches. Patch notes are pretty useless, the stuff in them as fixed often is not, other changes they do not bother to mention and every time the patch breaks far more things than it fixes. Questions about a bug list with status are simply ignored…


Woah look at the event log ! Nice !

Thrall icons are all the placeholder bag icon…

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Yes, what’s the reason for removing thrall icons?

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Did they fix it? It was only working within proximity before…

Mine is complete empty now. ^^

No it is not, the proximity relation to the event log is pretty absurd. The ‘fix’ will be to extend the range… sigh…

Really? I just…wow. You know there’s problems when the hotfixes need hotfixes.


performance issue, you can say that! but it is all there own fault, if they made the game from the get-go with large groups and stuff in mind they would not have this “sorry to say but its true” rét@rdéd system!!
Look at “and i hate comparing games” Ark survival evolved, same game-engine different way of code ofc because in ark you can have unlimited dino’s follow you and yes it has performance issues but then i’m speaking of you have at-least 500+ “stuff” following you.
if they only would do, more followers and mounts in this game… it would explode with new players for sure and will be popular as ever!! but noooo, conan is coded like a old-man, slow and crapy “again sorry but its true”.

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