PC Hotfix (12.10.2018)


performance issue, you can say that! but it is all there own fault, if they made the game from the get-go with large groups and stuff in mind they would not have this “sorry to say but its true” rét@rdéd system!!
Look at “and i hate comparing games” Ark survival evolved, same game-engine different way of code ofc because in ark you can have unlimited dino’s follow you and yes it has performance issues but then i’m speaking of you have at-least 500+ “stuff” following you.
if they only would do, more followers and mounts in this game… it would explode with new players for sure and will be popular as ever!! but noooo, conan is coded like a old-man, slow and crapy “again sorry but its true”.


How can a hotfix for something break another thing?


Imagine a plate full of spaghetti, when you make change to it you literally change the complete plate… :wink:

All poorly written/designed software is suffering from it.


thank you for making all the thralls icon bags. it is now VERY HARD to find thralls in a chest.

this is how they look like in the inventory… so how people will know what profession it is ? i know the names so its not an issue for me , but for the vast majority of people you will only see a name, and no profession…

you guys needs to find new coders… :rage::rage::rage:

Purge bar is not increasing so we are back into a situation that WE WILL NOT SEE A PURGE EVER AGAIN. until it gets fixed.

part one (with the issues it had) was good… a great job, but part two… omg…

Part two, (Broke the purges, and its a complete mess… — funcom, pooped over the great job they did with part one… not even multigun will be able to defend this hard facts…

i guess part two got rushed. so they can make the DLC available for sale (otherwise a part of the DLC will be not usable, (pet skins… without pets?)…

@Jens_Erik for visibility…


We reported the thrall and pet icon issue as well as the frozen Purge bars.
The Log range was hard coded to too close range by mistake. Once the UI for the in game event log is in you will be able to choose proximity for events to be checked via a slider and also choose which events you’d like to have displayed :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reports and also thank you for your patience!


I completely understand that this is frustrating and I don’t want to sound defensive but Conan Exiles is a very complex game and we are all only human.

With that said, everyone works hard and does their best. Can we improve? Absolutely and we are working on that.

We definitely don’t mean to cause frustration.


Yeh, very sad that after launch we still had same broken purge and now hunger system…


complex indeed and probably build up the wrong way from start, i mean seeing no multiple thralls & pets follow “witch ark evolved has”, no mounts “again ark has”… i hate making compares but in the end the games are kinda similar. only wildcard made the game from start with (big battles) in mind. and i have the feeling you guys looked at this game as small adventures into the land and lore of conan. but made the map so big you kinda lost it…
Don’t bashing on the game, love it, own all DLC even the new one BUT i’m not blind to the faults i see. and i mod for this game, so i know its a complex game, i wished i had more control over the dev-kit, but i do understand why some things are locked for modders.

my english is not good, hope you understand my ramblings.


I know the community would hate it but I wonder how many of these old bugs that have been “fixed” in hot fixes and patches and dont seem to be fixed would be solved with a wipe of old coded items…it seems like some are so random it would almost certainly be due to “legacy” conflicts with new code…I hope i explained that right. Any one have any ideas about this?

honestly it might not be so bad…complete wipe and then maby a week or two of +3 or +5 or something xp and gathering to get everyone back to where they were and then back to normal.


There are only one solution to these problems, and it is that programmers are unable to do anything right and they are already new DLC statistics and bug fixes. Instead, they fail to repair them so they are causing them. Best would be if you returned the game to the day of release at this time the game worked smoothly and work on the background on the new content and really let it out without error.

Sorry for the worse English


Before only had server restart info, now it tells me when I’ve emptied a fish trap.


It’s unreal engine 4, a sql lite stuff up. I blame epic games.


thanks tascha… what about the blood on my screen and half health every time i respawn or log into a server? will that ever be looked at? also would be nice for an inventory tab default change, i always change my inventory to name so i can find my items easily, which stays after my first selection, but all chests, boxes crafting stations always say custom, could we change it so i could have a choice of what they always display? or change the default setting for these to be name? its a constant pain as well.


Tasha, of course there is no such thing as perfect, we are indeed all only human. The response to the community has noticeably improved, altho the most sensitive issues are still not getting any love. The quality of the game however is not improving, again we are getting paid DLC and free added content which simply adds more layers to the already bugged layers, the old problems will not solve themselves, nor will they magically be fixed by adding new content.


Thanks for your time and dedication. Pls fix building pieces glitch at high levels, i want to build my base to the world top lol



I agree to quibble on new content and other paid DLCs to get money and solve mistakes for three months most people complain about the stuttering of the game and what did you do to do nothing just see paid DLC to have your money.


here is the thing…

patch part one , a great job. and i congratulate them for the good work. despite of the hunger system not working (And it is still not working)

patch part two an absolute disaster. it was RUSHED OUT so they can put their DLC out… they cant promote the animal skins without animal can you? and the worst : it also broke the purge bar, (not filling anymore, meaning no purges ever until it get fixed -someday ™

hotfix : broke the tralls icons. (shows NO QA, that does NOT EXIST in funcom, and the facts proves i am 10000% right about it. it wouldnt take much to figure it out, and please no coments of complexity, stop the EXCUSES… admit it was rushed out without testing., and provide a prompt and quick solution (which wont come until next week) …

overall, you guys keep doing things wrong ,and it seems funcom simply wont learn from their mistakes.

as i said in a previously deleted message , not even multigun will be able to defend of yet another screwup.

have a wonderful weekend.

(screenshot it just in case)


Yeah man I understand where you are coming from I was there, but content and fixes are good. Sure it breaks stuff and screws with you but atleast they are still here.


So, nothing about the wells and the purge bar bot moving, which are game breaking bugs. Nice.