PC Hotfix (12.10.2018)


I mentioned both as having been reported and being worked on. They did however not make it into this hotfix.


Can you make the event log in English on EU#1006? Its partly in German now.


Thank you Tascha for at least your active presence on these forums and your positivity. I respect your approach, and appreciate that you and Jens are in a rather unenviable position under the circumstances.

I do hope you will both get to bask in some player joy and satisfaction when/if the game is eventually smoothed out and polished. It’s a real gem, but very rough still. It would be nice for the Conan Exiles saga to have a happy ending, for everyone concerned.


PVE-CONFLICT Official Server 1942

Well is drained when log in and isn’t filling, reframing and relogging have taken place.

Hardened Steel Cleaver gives skinning amount of hide with no meat on Elk, Elk King and Wolf. Retested seven times.

*will update if necessary


Jhebbal Sag Archpriests/Named Priests still have 17,5% spawnrate per spawn at The Den, the daily God Spam is not healthy for PvP servers.


On my single player server, I have thrall hunger turned off.

Post-hotfix my fighter thralls now have a timer counting down from seven days.

Does that mean that feeding thralls is now mandatory even if I’ve turned it off?


Hey Funcom, keep up the great work! You are all awesome and I appreciate the work you have all put into this game. Thank you.


This has changed now with the latest hotfix? Duh, I’ll note it down.

Everyone on the team is definitely working towards that goal. :slight_smile:

Definitely aware of the first and I’ll double check on the second point. I think issues with cleaver in general have been reported as well.

Yup, we are aware!

No, it shouldn’t. It will still tick down but not kill them. If it does then it’s not as intended.


the odd thing is everytime its mentioned… no one from funcom says anything as if its being ignored


I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but I’ve noticed some odd things in the event log now that it is showing actual things besides entering server.

  • There’s a couple messages that I’ve received 0 from my clan. What does that mean?
  • Second, I’m seeing alerts of what another clan is doing in my event log. Specifically building an altar of ymir. This must be a bug, as I don’t even know why would I need to know what other clans are doing.

Also, I had 4 rhino pets placed, and wanted to get rid of them. I started fighting a world boss, and let him hit me, but all they did was come next to me and kept staring. They keep blocking my movement and making me stuck, that was actually terrifying as I couldn’t see anything lol. Another pet I had placed, a tiger came also to help and was fighting back, but a shoebill was also behaving like the rhinos and doing nothing but going near the boss.


The feed time for the pets with the new DLC skin have less time than the other pets.

The pets with new DLC skin do not produce dung in the corral.

Adult pets and puppies can be placed in the feed box to greatly increase their lifespan. There is no logic in this.

The composter accelerates the birth of pets in eggs, but after being born accelerate tb their life time, killing the puppies after an hour and a few minutes.

Pets with DLC skin do not have information from their diets.

Pet Spider produced only one icor in the corral.

Pet Rochifre in the corral eats 1 stone and produces only 1 stone.


I put mine in the Preservation box along with my True Names.


I have updated to the latest patch, in one game I could do the taming of pets and build the equipment for it, now it is in my new game and I cannot build the tamer, nor can I pick up baby animals (I pick them up but they do not appear in my inventory).

When I go to craft the taming pens I get “Item cannot be crafted at this time” message on my screen.

Has anyone else encountered this? I removed mods and it still won’t work. When I was running full mods it worked but I had to remove a mod to make the Aquilonian DLC work properly.

I have tried to verify the integrity of the game as well and that doesn’t work either.


Camel really should be a tank. Doesn’t have to do any damage for balance but no one wants to use a beast that carry their work or goods that can easily.


Event log bug on official 1504. I heard from a few people and they got this entry in their event log as well. It about SquishyFishyBear building a temple of mitra and then finishing it. This person is not in my clan or anyone’s clan i talked with.

Got another message this morning of someone building another temple. Seems the event log now shows when anyone on the server is building a temple.


my main account was put on hold but not banned… (a forum bug?) without any reason or explanation, and when asked noone knows who at funcom did it, if someone did it. hard to tell without any explanation th why. so in the meantime. i am using this one until the other one is back online…

not only the thrall timers are borked, the timers on the little baby pets.

grab a pet, leave it in your inventory , and wait after server reset … BOOOM! the timer on the baby animal sitting in your inventory is also RESET! … aparently the only timer that is working is … the buildings. but they also suffer from the 0:00 bug (building not decaying if you or anyone is nearby…)
My tittle says suspended on this account… .LOL LOL LOL . XD



What happens to the slaves? After the upgrade, they get lost in heaps. Block the aisles. When you put them in place, they still run into one point.
Except me on the server there is no one. There are no animals nearby. I do not cause damage.


Please fix it. They block the aisles and lock them in their own buildings.

If we already touched on the topic of slaves. Why do they start beating only when they hit me? Why can’t I add an attack to them when I attack in front of them?

Why can’t archers be given command to hold a position? They should not run around the walls and get into heaps. Their intellect does not work as it should. More benefit from them will be if they just hold the position and shoot in the radius.

P.S. Official server.


Well, finally after a half year? Or still it will be broken ?


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That is really the first time i have ever seen this message stated, and id thought ive seen all error messages lol

Please Fix the bags asap devs its very "in the face