PC Hotfix (17.08.2018)

Hey everyone!

We’re releasing a small hotfix for the PC version of Conan Exiles with some quick fixes for some high priority issues that needed taking care of after the most recent patch.


  • Fixed an issue where debuff icons would cause huge amounts of lag
  • You can now attach fence foundations to regular foundations again

Please keep your bug reports and feedback coming in.


When can we anticipate the pets patch for testlive ?

Now allow me to reconnect! :smiley:

when will a fix be made so Oblesks and areas that are used by journey quests will be not be able to be built on. Then the players/trolls who build on them and block will be removed? Or introduce horses in game I spend more time walking them playing.

Thanks! I think most of us prefer small hotfixes more frecuently than large patches once a month. Moreover, you could keep track and feedback of every fix and we can test it individually.

Hey guy watcha doing?

why all my corner stair broke?

and why can’t attach it anymore?

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please make thrall health resetting on server restart a top priority. every day they go back to 100 health on official 1504. standing near them for 10-15 minutes every morning is getting old.


issues with fence foundations.

very hard to place on foundations, yes it works, but you have to mess around and build other pieces off to the side to be able to stack further up on the walls

EDIT: looks like switching to a different piece then back to the fence foundation “refreshes” and allows you to place them, but you have to do that for each piece

wow, so pretty !!!

Not convince? OK




You tell me, what did I do wrong.

check out the fanworks section in the show your home thread for more of the build =) lots of folks on there build really nice stuffs

Head > Table

sry but… wth of BP are you doing? Incredible… pls … use a trainee to test the Build BP´s …simple a half hour to build anything to see if all works…


extremely cold in full vanir set north the skyfall ridge.

full vanir set bugged

pls fix it

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You do nothing wrong, corner stairs have been bugged for months now, the last patch just caused it for new building pieces also. This is when you add more stuff to a broken mechanic instead of fixing the mechanic first.
I just love how the internal tests never find any issues and how they skip testlive every time…




So these were the highest prio bugs that the bug fixing team worked on this week?

Oh yeah listening to this now…


There seems to be something broken with the temperature model. I am just near the Sentinels on a solo game, and after drinking from the waterskin my character gets cold. This started only today.

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I hate to say this but it feel like Bethesda again then latter end all fixed by modder.
P.S the bug only effected the Dlc building, the Black Ice I build all the corner stair is fine but both Aquilonian and the Khitan corner stair bugged.