PC Hotfix (27.03.2019) - UI bugs and XP fixes

Hey folks!

There’s a new patch available for the PC version of Conan Exiles. This patch fixes several UI bugs and changes the crafting XP for the Blunted Javelins.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed an exploit regarding infinite stamina


  • Crafting the Blunted Javelin would grant way too much XP - this has now been fixed


  • NPCs in the Player’s render distance should no longer spawn each time the Character dies
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to close the inventory with a mouse button
  • The Staff of Epitremeus now has correct stats. Epemitru…ep…epitremus… the Mitra staff.


  • Removed the redundant “PvP - Conflict” option from the Combat Mode dropdown menu
  • Server browsing sorting by MODE should no longer result in PvE-C servers being listed between two types of PvP servers
  • Improved the Server browsing Sort-By-Region functionality
  • Server browser - “Region” dropdown now has a Japan option
  • Fixed an issue where the direct connect text field would act strangely.
  • Server browser - “South America” text in the region tab should no longer be partially cut off
  • Fixed several issues affecting the use of controllers in menus
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect owner name of clan buildings would be displayed


Now that I’m used to using the escape key, must retrain hands and mind


One question:
Is the issue of no emotes being usable when walking being worked on? Is it even known? :joy:
(Like, toogle walking, try to laugh but just stay still with no animation at all?)

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect owner name of clan buildings would be displayed*<

Is that to say that all building will show the owner now - that ‘no owner’ will be replaced by the actual owner?

It’s bit cryptic, i agree, or could mean different things.

I saw different issue with names, the “no owner” bug, and the “Steam name showed” bug.
Witch one was fixed, or was it any other ? :grin:

and now after server update game froze booted me and now i cant log in ;(

great… now every time i try to loig into server FATAL ERROR

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it is PVE + CONFLICT EU 1036.

Have you tryed to use steam files verify ? Sometimes it happened to me after an update.


im just trying that now thanks

When are we going to get significant changes?

  • Rubber banding animals when you argo them
  • Snap building issues…

Aka like ARK had, is there plans to update UE Engine to a newer version or has Funcom put themselves in a box without redoing the game?

Well, anyone else not able to connect now? Validated completed after failing after the update. official 1942

Those are server size, and population dependent issues man. Not fare to push that on funcom. If anything funcom just needs strict server rules, pet limits, and building limits. I highly doubt they would rebuild the game from the ground up to fit the new UE engine. If anything it would be a whole new game that they would develop.


I’m not sure I believe that, went down the same path with ARK and got an unfinished game, now sure they did fix those issues but it took longer - post release - of the game.

I’d like them to tell us when these game breaking issues will be fixed.

And no, build snapping is not server size/population thats a bug.

Ty funcom!!!

And over the active permabubbles bug still alive?

After updating the server, the official ones are disconnected due to an error.
Perhaps again with reports.
It works for several minutes, then the textures in front of you stop loading and the server shuts down for 10 minutes.


we got the same problem, server freeze after few minutes. @Community

Please FiX the Update ERRORS !!! We wanne Play CONAN !!!
Has anyone tested the update extensively before it goes online? such a flawed update may not come online !!!
That’s more than annoying. Unfortunately, there are no other words
PLEASE fix this bug and test your updates before they come online then such extreme bugs do not always happen

Any word on when we will be able to log into servers ? I am getting an infinite loading screen on official 1940 PVE-C