PC Patch (02.09.2020) - Crash, exploit and UI fixes!

Greetings, Exiles!

We’re releasing a new patch aimed to iron out remaining crashing issues, fixes server browser woes as well as an exploit fix.

Thanks again for your ongoing support and feedback. Stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


  • Fixed a number of client and server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes upon joining a server via friends list.


  • Fixed an exploit regarding god bubbles.


  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to show no active players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a server to list its ping as 9999 or ???.
  • Official servers would sometimes be listed twice in the server browser. This is now fixed.
  • The Close option in the Friend List tab should no longer be cut off if playing in German. #spellchekkerteamstrikesagainhoohah


And private server admins - Make a Backup before updating (if your can)


maybe supid question but where is those files who need to download, located, i got “optic” internet with 40 MB second, but for now its 30 min he download 0.01 KB/s


Will this be released for Xbox and PlayStation soon?

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It happened to me too. a 39mb update took 1min. My SSD performed writing of 420 mb/s for 37sec. That’s roughly 15gb of re-written data before the update was complete.
Maybe some sort of optimization was triggered with this update.

Edit: It’s actually a download cache optimization and it is essentially defragmenting all or parts of your game files before applying the update. If you have an SSD it might perform this faster.

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Damned odd thing happened coincidentally and I’m guessing it happened the moment the patch was released.
While in game, my client freezes and locks up my whole system forcing me to power off and reboot.
I open Steam and see the update downloading.
Now I’m updating my server.
I don’t fault FC for this glitch, but I’m looking very sternly at Steam.

Let’s tempt Fate: Patch to private server. Went in. No issues. Can’t work out if I should feel like ‘Sound of Music running up over hill’ moment - or ‘the phone-call came from inside the house…’
Made a backup anyway - just in case :slight_smile:

(Thanks for the update Funcom Dev-thralls. Hope they are feeding you all)


Appreciate the fix. - Patched our server and ran smoothly thus far.

Steam Query port down after update! fully redownload server dont fix it.
ps. but the server itself works well. visible in the client, players and ping are visible. аs before…

I have had a few players falling through the map after this update. Mostly in caves, one under the Decent of Dagon

When I go into the server listing for PvE, my server shows up, but it still shows 0 players (even when several people are playing), the age now shows question marks, and the ping is 9999. Can anyone offer any advice as to a setting I should be looking at in the config files, or if specific ports need to be opened, so that my server represents itself properly in the Steam Listing. I know there’s an ongoing bug (which was supposedly addressed) in the directory listing, but if there’s anything I can check on my end, I’d gladly do it.

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Try a reboot. It happens to me when gportal forces a reboot after an update

I brought the conan server software down, applied the update, and started it back up again. Are you saying I should restart the server software again, or restart the entire Windows server?

Since the update we (two members) have received DC on our private server with an error message “Failed to join the desired game”.

Done, server has been updated and is running again.

Edit: reduced this reply to only link to above post.

I rent a server and just restarted the software. Not sure if it would be any different if you host your own.

i gave it a try today and i had a lot of lag in the game with the following problems

  • Gathering materials would make rocks and bushes to disapear for a couple seconds at the first hit i gave them
  • Enemies teleport all over the place and the HP bars, both of them and mine were slow to show signs of damage.
  • I was NOT rubberbanding and i could easily travel the world, climb and swim.
  • Player buildings took a lot of time to load.
  • spending attribute and skill points took a while to update.

Maybe is not related to this update but i never had this problems before it, is anyone else having this issues?

PD: This happened in an official server

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait! Are you saying the patch was pushed to live without fixing this bug?!


So far we have one user that has lost her characters, she is doing a verify, then rebooting and will try again, re install is a last resort. hopefully she’s a one off

Updated to this patch - client not starting any more…