PC Hotfix (18.11.2019) - Exploit fix

Hey everybody,

We’re deploying a security hotfix to fix an exploit regarding code injection.
Thanks everybody who came forward and made us aware about this issue.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed a vulnerability that would allow for code to be injected into game files.


Server just shut down with no warning? I lost all my farm stuff for 2 hours


Tell the dev team we appreciate them sacrificing their weekend to get out a hot-fix so quickly, this will have a lot of us breathing easier! :+1:


2.5gb for that?

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Servers down without warning. Good job FC. Good job.

Did u put in the fix for the freaking act of violence aswell? Guess not.

But good hotfix anyway.

I juuuust managed to put a t4 on the wheel and boom. Guess its lost now, we will see :laughing:

server 1320 still not turned on after upgrade =(((

We hope they have solved the problems of lag and continuous crash of every server that is really stressful.

Many servers still down, whats the hold up ?

1200 down

Most came up briefly and then went back down.

Everyone be patient. It’s way better than having avatar-sized players one-shotting bases and grabbing stuff out of locked chests.


Rolled Back 3 days ? nice, ill trash this game

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Where are you seeing rollbacks?

I swear if you rollback now instead of when it actually happened I’ll lose it.

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Nothing is fixed. The giant is back, on server #1111, he is in E4 on the map currently, he just emptied my base fully, everything is gone. Please look into it and rollback the servers!

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yup! @Larathiel u comment hits dead in the eye! well done FC! THANKS for this! i d love to see more of those!

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407/414 – anyone else notice the 7 missing Official Servers? 1588, 1599, 1600 to name a few. Deleting those?

devs please come server #1111. the giant hacker is back and is rampaging. he said nothin is fixed. magically all the loot and gear from my base is gone. DEVS PLEASE

he is a 50 foot giant woman you literally cannot miss him