PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes

Greetings Exiles,

We’re releasing a new hotfix focusing on resolving additional connectivity and performance issues for listen and dedicated servers. We’ve also resolved a bundle of UI issues on the Friends List screen, as well as a new option to start a Single-Player/Coop with joining restricted.

Thanks again for your feedback and support. Stay safe.

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.


  • Fixed an issue in regards to increased ping.
  • Improved friend invite process between clients.
  • Optimized downloading compressed files from a server.
  • Server list should no longer be redownloaded when switching server filters.
  • Fixed an instance where a server would not properly shutdown.
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the game idling under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where connection to FLS would not happen despite having an active connection.
  • Improved error handling in Peer-to-Peer connections (listen servers).


  • Added an option to enable or disable other players from joining a Single-Player/Coop session.


  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would leash back slower than they should, leaving room for them to be killed without retaliation.


  • You can now cancel joining a server while in progress.


  • Fixed an issue with BattlEye compatibility.


  • Added age column in the server browser list. This shows how long a server database has been going on for since it was created.
  • Removed build revision call-out from the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Display names now show the disambiguation suffix.
  • The disambiguation suffix doesn’t show on character creation anymore.
  • Fixed a number of UI issues on the Friends List screen.
  • Fixed an issue where session invite notifications would not disappear from the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the direct connect prompt would remain on screen after a mod mismatch error.
  • Improved navigation on the Friends List screen with a controller.
  • Fixed some misleading localizations.


  • Combat music trigger is now also dependent on range, further lowering the situations where it would play indefinitely. #slaytothedrums

Update (5:30pm EDT): Hey all, an update to PC for dedicated servers is now out that fixes an issue where whitelist was requiring SteamID and PlayfabID instead of either ID. No client update needed. Thank you for your patience!


When will the patch for the console be released ?

Here we go again, I wonder what this is going to break next.
Anyone tested this?


And stil not fixed 4 big undermesh spots


many warns from different addresses:ports
[2020.06.29-11.00.05:578][743]SourceServerQueries:Warning: Received unknown request with opcode 85
[2020.06.29-10.55.07:878][931]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-10.58.57:334][721]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-10.59.04:349][930]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-10.59.21:998][456]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed

Getting the same. Whats going on Now? It just keeps going!

How about the fact that I have to be online in order to play offline? what kind of Mickey mouse joke is that?


When it’s stable and ready?


I promise you, you DONT want any of the recent updates yet mate. Enjoy your game whilst it still works.

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All working fine (PC, Private, modded server, EU)
Thanks for the update!

As expected, there was a little lag going in the first time after the server was restarted. I have found that exiting back to the main game menu and jumping right back in (coincidentally?) gets rid of any lag and ‘floating’ immediately.

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@Illidan @Tovan_MacKelly
We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed internally. We’re studying the possibility of releasing a server-side hotfix as soon as possible covering this problem.


PMSL - Here’s a novel idea… Lets try TESTING the patches before throwing them out ???

I swear you guys must think you’re still in Early Access !


With the server update that accompanies this hotfix, whitelisting seems to have stopped accepting SteamID. I can’t find any documentation on this, so with some pointers from the nice community on the Admins United: Conan Discord server, I figured out how to find the Funcom IDs now used for whitelisting (and probably a slew of other things.)

As a server owner, you can find the IDs of a player by following these steps. (This has now been edited twice. Sorry for the confusion. This is all highly strange.)

  • Make sure player has tried to join your server.
  • Open the relevant log.
  • Search for their SteamID.
  • From the join attempt line where you find the SteamID, find FLSPlayerIds_TitleID and FLSPlayerIds_MasterID and grab the strings that follow them. (That is, after the equal sign.) These are the new IDs you need to add to whitelist.txt on separate lines. (Yes, both of them. Yes, together with the SteamID.)

Some official documentation on this would be nice.

EDIT: It’s MasterID, not TitleID. My bad. This is all highly confusing.

EDIT OF EDIT: After messing around with this for hours, I have finally come to the same conclusion as BeardyTheGreek (further down.) You need all three IDs for it to work: SteamID, FLSPlayerIds_TitleID and FLSPlayerIds_MasterID, on separate lines in whitelist.txt. At least this works for me so far. I can actually get into the server again.


This problem is still happening. every time i try to enter the server with it running, i get the error message. So I have to close the server in order to log in and open it again.

Cool, scared the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: out of Me! LOL. Good luck on the Hot fix. We will be down until you get it up. :+1:

Server launcher works fine and I can login my server, but I keep getting the following error in the log:

LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed
LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed
LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed

Various IP addresses and port numbers are entered in +++.
Do you know the cause?

@HRRoom PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes

Getting this constantly scrolling in my active server - 1 player connected.

[2020.06.29-11.35.41:324][942]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:658][952]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:811][955]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:811][955]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:812][955]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:812][955]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.41:888][958]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.42:254][969]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.42:376][972]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.42:377][972]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.42:377][972]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.42:377][972]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:799][ 13]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:921][ 15]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:996][ 18]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:996][ 18]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:997][ 18]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.43:997][ 18]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed
[2020.06.29-11.35.44:455][ 31]LogNet:Warning: Pong to failed

PONG? Chinese for PING?

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