Failed to login

Myself and half of my friends list are not able to connect to live services anymore and can’t play online at all. Not able to reach the server list.
Is there a fix available?

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too win7 and win10

Same here and not alone .

it is failing to connect to fc live services…

“You’ll still be able to play offline.”

No we ***king can’t because you disabled that for whatever reason.

i managed to connect again, just by retrying several times
why do i need fc live services again?

Same issue. If I have conan SERVER running, I get Failed to login. Can’t connect AT ALL to any server.

If I turn the server off, it allows me to login to the game as normal…

Funcom broke the game again! THey always break something with every single update. Can’t you guys test things first?

Hey there,

A hotfix is out which fixes an issue where connection to FLS would not happen despite having an active connection. This may also resolve your issue. See

If you still have issues, please post in detail on the PC bug subforums (How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)).

Be sure to give servers some time to update.

I suggest you roll the game back to june 15th before the f…ing patch of june 16th that broke the game, we dont have to fix it, YOUHAVE TO FIX IT FUNCOM

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