Cannot Connect to Funcom Live Services

“Unable to login, please restart or try again later. Continuing in Offline Mode in which only Single-player mode is available.”

Can’t figure this out. I have 3K hours in game, and just recently I now receive an error message when trying to connect to the Live Services (servers).

Connected to internet. Other live service games outside of Steam work fine.
Other Steam Live Service Games run fine.
Verified integrity of game files.
Uninstalled and Reinstalled Conan Exiles
Steam Change Account and relogged in.
I have no mods installed and deleted mod.txt file.
Reset Steam Server ping to 500.
Started Restarted Cold Started Comp.
My primary Official Server 1940 is offline by battle metrics, but I can’t log in at all to live service Funcom.
Other servers through battle metrics show online.
Offline mode works fine.
Run game as administrator from ConanExilesBE - no luck to connect online
Turned off wireless connection, launched Conan Exiles, Restarted wireless connection. Retried login in - no luck.
Restarted router, no luck.
Reinstalled wireless network card driver. No luck.
Internet speed test 308Mbits download 28 Mbits upload.

This has gone on for 3 days now…

Any advice would be appreciated…

I’ve had it for 2 months, no reply from funcom
Have a nice day

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In the written steps you took, I think you did plenty.

When the FLS fails to connect, I just back out of everything before that. Then, I try again. If that doesn’t work, I shut the game down (along with any other related tasks). Once restarted, it should work. If not, then shut it down, again, and manually select “check for updates”.

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It may sound crazy, but I think it’s a new ban system from Funcom: in the updated rules it is written that bans for using cheats are for the entire game license, not just for the official servers. One can say “but I’ve never used cheats” and unfortunately that’s the case, the problem is that since they made changes to the servers (probably to switch to cheaper hardware) due to lag the characters don’t stop teleporting, becoming invisible and God knows what else… I’m quite convinced that the current staff don’t use any kind of tools to check if someone uses cheats or not, just watch a video and if there’s something that looks strange apply the ban, it’s already happened several players I know who never used cheats, they don’t get any ban messages but they can’t log in to Funcom services for more than a month.

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That is disturbing - I am strictly a vanilla player. No cheats, no undermeshing, just straight up conventional play on official servers.

I have a ticket in. Hopefully they will let me know.

One would think they’d at least have a message on the menu screen.

After the patch same issue. Can’t log into live serves. Repeated other remedies I detailed above. I’m starting to believe this shadow ban thing is real.

I logged in ( My Steam account auto-updates ), started playing and got booted as if my internet crashed, but it hadnt. Tried logging back in and received the unable to log in message over and over, so I shut down the game, rebooted Steam, and saw this.

It took a few minutes to validate, then let me back in the game.

I have never seen that before.


I’ll give it a shot thanks.

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No luck. Not sure what to do - can’t even access the Bazaar in solo mode.

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