Funcom Live Services

I’m trying to login through Steam and keep getting a message that it cannot connect to Funcom live services. Is anybody else having this issue?

I have the same problem, so no, you arent the only one.

Yep its this weekends… thing.

Thanks for letting me know Tammo.

You’re not the only one. There’s a whole other thread about it.
Funcom Live Services - Down Again?

Same here. be nice if there was a way to back out once it looks like it won’t connect . . .

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Yes have to restart my ps5 can’t get out otherwise Funcom ME

IT just let me on. I kept trying and finally, it worked.

oh good, it’s not just me. you can play in offline mode but then it doesn’t let you access things you got from the battle pass. :angry:

it works now!

They definitely need to provide us with access to the online game without these online services before they go bankrupt again. I’d like to keep playing…

It’■■■■■ and miss often have to reboot the box soemtimes twice and it only started this last week. I’m hearing others friends having the same problem too now (Xbox unsure of other platforms)

Fix this…. Still can’t get stuff I bought

Same. I can get to the Main Menu but then get a “Failed to Login!” error message when I try to play either online or off. Microsoft Gamepass version on PC.

Yep lots of people are running into the issue. And funcom is quiet as usual

its a very old error, wich came with the launcher
it wa never a problem as the game was onsteam, with the launcher they left steam, and with that
u now need to ahve a updated OS wich meanst last possible not old and all drivers updated, special those wich u need for the anti cheating stuff,

so if ur pc is old ur os is old ur drivers are old ur anticheatingtool hasnt thr right lines to let u through… sorry to say but to play coan u have to invest in the newest hard and software, praise tencent wih buyed funcom 2020…

funcom is Quiet cuz the no longer own Conan Exiles the hole company is now in Chinese hand, if u want to be heared u have to write it down in mandarain, so they can unterstand u, but remember china has a social point system and getting infected by western thoughts can bring ur points down… so i wouldnt bet somebody would read it…

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