Funcom live services is DOWN

Trying to play on Steam PC, and getting cannot connect to funcom live services. forcing my into offline mode. I have restarted my client a couple times and no luck.



You just beat me to it…

I can confirm that I too am experiencing this message. :frowning:

yeah me too

Here we go again. Happened to me too. You would think the day they launch Chapter 3 they would make sure their stuff is up and going.

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Yep Same thing happened to me got all hyped for new content and then in typical funcom fashion they throw a wrench in the mix.

Ditto…i gues it was to be exspected, We should be used to f^ck ups by now.

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Me too.

Right as the new update dropped
Funcom gonna funcom.


crazy part is… it was working fine this morning, with the exception of not being able to buy coins. apparently in fixing the coins they’ve wrecked the ship.

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I finally found worse than the star citizen servers…

same here

same problem, for me and my friends… c’mon guys

Always the same… Great job Bugcom

Here we are also without access. I don’t know if it’s a Steam or Fucon bug, someone who has the game through Epic, could you try?

Ditto. Funcom Live seems to be down.

c’mon Funcom. We have a game we want to play!

“I have restarted a couple times and no luck.”

How did you restarted the Funcom Live Services? :astonished:

every system is having this issue, PS4, Microsoft, Steam, Epic games, it is once again on Funcom and yet again they are not addressing it. Can’t wait to see who they blame this time.

We looked into it but looking at Down Detector it’s a Steam thing messing with things.

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With each part of age of sorcery, it gets worse and worse. If there were 4 parts in this update, then 4 parts of the fancom server would simply explode when exiting.

P.S I suggest adding an image of a naked female breast to the server login error messages so that it is not so painful to see it every week.


very misleading since it says Funcom Live Services.