Unable to connect to funcom live services

as of the update to 3.0 i keep getting to the loading funcom live services message and it continually fails every time…i am currently only able to play on singleplayer, this is a problem as i am a server admin.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear of issues connecting to FLS. I’m not aware of widespread connectivity issues or outages on our end; could I send you a direct message to ask you for some extra info?

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Having the same issue.
Even made a thread for it - have had to uninstall and reinstall conan everytime I launch it in order to get funcom live services to connect. I just bought a server and the server is up and people have been connecting to it all day.

having the same issue

sometimes it says can’t connect to FLS. sometimes it says steam not responsive

I’ve had this happen every day at some point. Between the client crashes (rare for me), offical server crashes/restarts without notice (often), and the inability to connect to Funcom Live Services, this has not been a joyful experience so far. I usually can connect to FLS if I reboot my modem. Granted, everything else works fine. Other games connect and load fine. Other websites connect and load fine. Just Funcom being Funcom.

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