Unable to connect with Funcom Live Services

Today, when I am launching the game, I am getting stuck on connection to funcom live services window. It eventually says that it cannot connect me so I am only available to play offline mode. It is kind of unacceptable since I was playing in co-op and I want to continue playing with my friend. But I tried to start a game solo just to see if it will work at all. I doesnt, since we were playing on Isle of Siptah the game doesnt load and simply put me back in menu with message that I do not own DLC nessecary to play on that server. That makes me totally unable to play the game. (obviously I have that dlc and it is enabled).

The issue probably started when I updated Steam yesterday (10.02.2023). Today I tried to launch the game and issue appeared.

I have already tried to:

  • Restart PC several times.

  • Restart STEAM several times (including switching acc to force log out).

  • Veryfing local files.

  • Reinstalling game.

Nothing seems to work, but my friend with whom I played with, can launch the game just fine. I was the host of our game.

Any help will be appreciated.

Try updating your BIOS,

I had the problem which caused the game to crash about 60% of the time when connecting to Funcom Live Services. I was finally able to resolve it with a BIOS update,

Could be your antivirus/firewall blocking unauthorized internet access. If the Steam app was just updated, it’s possible that it fell out of your whitelist.

Thank you for your responses. I actually managed to solve my problem. While I was in game (already recieved info that I am unable to connect to FLS) I tried to restart my router. After that, while still in menu I tried to log into FLS again by clicking on Try Again option. It worked and since yesterday it’s still working fine. I just wanted to mention that I tried to restart my router few times before with no luck, but I was not in game menu while doing so.
Anyway thanks again for replies becasue from what I’ve read, connection problems with FLS are not uncommon and are casued by numerous factors. I will try your solutions If someday (hopefully not) mine will stop working.

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