Unable to connect to Funcom Live Services or see server browser list

Everyone else in my discord server is having the same issue. We’re unable to connect to Funcom Live Services which is preventing us from clicking on Play Online. I also tried without mods, restarted my PC as well for good measure and the problem remains.

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Yes, there are a few topics already about it. It is an issue with the steam authentication servers.

same here

same as well

Same here

Hey there,

As @Narelle pointed out, there were a few issues with Steam’s authentication servers that caused some services to malfunction including our own. Issue should be resolved by now.

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I´m wondering if the issue is resolved since I havn´t been able to log on for two days now and neither can my friend. Can everybody play the game as usual again? Is it just us/our small server that are having this problem? We only get the message “Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.” Might not even be the same problem?

Yes, the issue has been resolved for me.

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